Chapter 13

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POV Taemin.

We left them for a moment in order to give them privacy. ''Is it so hard for a Beta to get pregnant ?'' i asked curiously. ''Well actually yes ! We have like 15% with an Alpha, 5% with another Beta and 10% with an Omega !'' explained Seokjin ''Us Alpha have 50% with another Alpha, 70% with an Omega and 100% with an Omega in heat !''added Sodam ''What about Omegas ?'' ''You really don't know a thing do you ?'' joked Minseok ''Omegas have 70% with another Omega and 75% when one is in heat !'' ended Jonghyun's mother. ''I see...they must be so happy !'' ''You have no idea !'' I looked at Jonghyun and cuddled into him. ''So dad what are the new ?'' ''For now they send us a letter back but not a good one at all ! They say we killed him for no good reason and that the kids should have fough for themselves ! They say that we don't have any proofs and that if we don't give them any...'' ''I see...'' ''What are we going to do ?'' ''I'll try to talk some sense in them !'' ''Should we eat ?'' asked Jonghyun's mom. We all nooded and went to the kitchen to see the trio smile. ''Congratulation !'' ''Thank you Tae !'' we sat and talked when the diner was served. ''Excuse miss Kim !'' ''Don't call me miss i feel old ! Call me Eunbi please !'' ''Ok ! Well i'm sorry Eunbi i can't eat eggs ! I can't digest them !'' ''It's ok i'll make something else for you and Minho anyway !'' We watched her cook and Minho and i waited before she gave us a salad with vegetables and chicken. ''Thank you !'' ''Do you know how long you have Taemin ?'' ''Not a single idea ! Know nothing about Fairies !'' ''That so sad !'' We ate and Jonghyun and i went to his room.

''I'm so happy for Minho hyung !'' ''Me too Tae ! I hope our child will be friends !'' ''I hope so !'' We took a quick shower and went to bed. ''What will happen now ? What if your father can't make them come to their senses ?'' ''We'll have to take you on safe place with Minho and my mom...'' ''You won't stay with me ?'' ''No i'm sorry baby...'' ''Don't leave...please don't leave're the only one i have left...'' ''Baby i'll be ok i swear...'' ''I won't go if you don't come !'' ''Don't be studborn baby !'' ''I'm expecting our child ! You can't leave me alone in this ! I know nothing and i'm scared to death ! The only person who could have helped me was my mom! What if i lose you in the war ? Are you really expecting of me to love our baby for both of us ? I won't be able to breath if you're gone !'' ''Baby calm down ok...I will follow my dad's order..if he need me i'll stay if he don't i'll come ok ?'' ''Promise you won't leave us...'' ''I swear to you i won't leave you...'' I kissed him and nuzzled in his neck slowly falling asleep. Next morning we were woken up by Eunbi shaking us up visibly in a hurry. ''Wake up both you ! Hurry !! Pack your things !'' ''Mom what's happening ?'' ''Get dressed and go see your father quick !!'' Jonghyun kissed me before dressing up and he went to see his father. ''Taemin follow me ! We have to gather everyone ! Wake the trio up while i wake Jongin up !'' I got dressed and went to the trio. ''Jinki ! Kibum ! Wake up!!'' they looked at me annoyed. ''What do you want Tae ?'' asked a grumpy Kibum ''I don't know what's happening but Eunbi told me to wake you up ! Hurry !'' They woke Minho up before putting clothes on and packing. We joined Eunbi in Wonshik's room. ''Eunbi what's happening ?'' i asked ''The war is starting ! Get in the van !'' she ordered ''Wait ! What about Jonghyun ? What about you ? Aren't we helping ?'' asked Jinki ''No you aren't ! Get in the van ! Now !'' We ran to the garage and got in the van as ordered. ''Jonghyun...'' i whispered scared. ''It's gonna be ok Tae !'' I looked toward Wonshik and Jongin not convinced at all. Suddenly Jonghyun and his mom got in. ''Jonghyun ! What's going on ?'' ''We're leaving ! My dad ordered me to protect the three of you ! We have to hide somewhere !'' he said buckling his belt. ''Where ? We can't go at my parent's because Jongin won't be allowed and except Minho, Taemin and I no one can fly !'' said Jinki ''My parents won't accept Jinki !'' added Jongin. ''Only gods are allowed at my parent's !'' said Wonshik. ''We can go at my parent's ! Just brace youself Taekwoon ! My familly won't be happy to see you ! Since it's a vampire clan no one can come on our land univited or without being with a clan member ! Let's go ! I'll drive !''said Kibum moving to the driver seat. Jonghyun took my hand and kissed it. ''It will be ok baby...'' ''I hope...''

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