Chapter 12

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I woke up because of the light and felt Jonghyun behind me sleeping like a baby

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I woke up because of the light and felt Jonghyun behind me sleeping like a baby. His face burried in my neck. I couldn't help but grin like an idiot feeling happy like i never felt before.  It's so perfect ! I'm his and...wait ! Is he mine ? I mean he bite me but...what about him ? Shouldn't i bite him too ? I'll ask Kibum later ! I gently touched his hand with the tips of my fingers and smiled when he nuzzled closer to me. I tried to get out of his hold but a jolt of pain in my ass stopped me. ''Love ? You're awake ? How are you feeling ?'' he asked voice gravelly with sleep. ''I'm ok except for the pain in my ass ! And I'm hungry !'' ''I think it should be good now ! What time is it ?'' '' 9 PM !'' ''Diner time ! Let's get dressed and head downstair baby !'' He slowly got out of my ass and kissed my shoulder before getting out of bed. He got dressed and helped me get dressed too. ''Can you walk ?'' ''I don't know...'' I tried to walk wobbling a bit. ''Want me to carry you ?'' ''Please !'' He took me in his arms and i realized something. ''Can you feel it too ?'' i asked Jonghyun ''What ?'' ''I..well it's strange ! It's like i can sense your life and breathing !'' ''Yes i feel it ! We can ask my parents about it if you want !'' ''Let's eat first please !'' He chuckled and walked downstairs. Once in the kitchen we saw everyone. ''Congratulation you two !'' said Minseok. ''Well thanks ! I guess ?'' said Jjong sitting me in a chair. ''You two putted on quite a performance ! Everyone in the clan is talking about you two ! '' added Daehwan. ''Let's talk after diner ok ?'' said Jjong's mom serving diner. We ate talking lightly and joking a bit before Jonghyun remembered something.

''Oh yes ! I wanted to ask some question to you and mom !'' he annonced to his dad. ''Go ahead !'' ''Well we both can fell like...the breath and life ? Of the other ! Can you too ?'' ''Yes ! Every mated ones can i think !'' Kibum nooded and Jonghyun went on. ''What else is to expect ?'' ''Well get ready to feel some emotion of the other ! Well there are some things who is specific to the couple ! You see your mother and I can feel some of the physical pain of the other !'' said his father. ''All the three of us can sense when something trouble the others !'' said Jinki. ''We can feel when the other use his power !'' said D.O ''And i can locate Leo ! He can make the sickness go away !'' added Wonshik. ''That so cool !'' I whispered amazed. ''Are you going to join our pack ?'' asked Minho ''Of course ! So what do I do ? Please tell me it's not like in the books ! I don't wanna get naked !'' They all laughed at me and i sudently felt stupid and blushed. ''Don't worry babyboy ! You just have to pledge allegiance to me and it will be done ! You'll gain a new power as well !'' ''So do i have to say something deep and emotional ?'' ''Yes you have to ! It has to be filled with emotions ! Respect, love, brotherhood, friendship, loyalty things like that !'' explained his father. ''It's i have to do it here ?'' ''Yes ! We did it in the car with his familly in ! Your turn !'' said Kibum a sadistic smile on his face.

I took a deep breath and looked at Jonghyun. ''Since the start you're kind and sweet to me, you stood up for me after my first heat and beat up some guys, since the start I put my trust and life in you ! Since the start I love you ! Since the start I know you'll never betray me ! Since we discovered we're mate you look after me, you came to save me and you offered me a future ! A future full of love and security ! A future i've always dreamed of ! A future that could have been just a dream ! Today you marked me ! Today you made me yours ! I can't live without you ! I'll never leave your side !'' i said still looking at him and saw tears in his beautiful eyes. ''By your side ! Always !'' ''And forever !'' he simply answered and smiled. ''You may now kiss the bride !'' said Seokjin. We looked at him and he smiled. ''Sorry i though you were saying your vow !'' ''Maybe it was !'' i joked and Joonghyun looked at me shocked. ''What ? You-What ? I ! We !'' ''Relax i was joking !'' He sigh a bit and smiled. ''I felt so stupid for not replying for a second !'' ''Well Seokjin is right it felt like a wedding !'' said his mom.

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