Chapter 35 | Could It Get Any Worse? Oh No, Wait! Don't Jinx It!

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"They're frozen in place."Valari suddenly muttered. Azalea realized she talking about the three Betas. They had their backs turned and was facibg the woman. None of them could see their expressions but she assumed that it was a look of pure panic.

The woman spoke again, " Can any of you answer me?"she asled frustratedly. There were others behind her a few meters away, staring at concern. The woman that had asked them was now joined by a woman with a blue feather on her braided hair and a...

" A Faun..."Deter breathed out. "Wow, I never thought I would see one in my life."

Kiel shook his head. "No, it's a Satyr. And you've seen weirder things."

"Oh, shut your mouths, the two of you!" Valari whisper shouted at them.

In the distance, one member of tyr Beta turned around. He trodded off to the direction of the passageway. He never bothered to look back or even stop. He continued on and the remaining members stared at him.

Azalea remained her eyes on the man. Perseus Jackson. The prodigy. Everyone expected him to be part of the Alpha once he showed what he could do. Azalea knew that therr was a possibility of him winning against Lace. Although as he is one of the best fighters, he also the most troublesome. He was admirable as he is infuriating. And Lace once said after their trainings that he had never seen someone so unpredictable. He said that the saying was true, that the sea cannot be restrained. Azalea knew he would be a problem since she met him but she didn't expect him to be a good asset. She never knew any of his past too, but it seems like his sector does. She had no idea he was from Earth before. Obviously, the man was full of surprises.

Azalea sighed befire turning away from the scene of Zoë Nightshade and Xiana Wasline leaving the poor woman hanging.

"Let's go. If Craig sees us here eavesdropping like a bunch of imbeciles, we're as good as dead."she said without an emotion.

Kmowing it was true, they begrudgingly followed her. Questions were circling in their head. That sector isn't the most secretive, the Delta Sector could have that title, but there the curiosity of everyone. From how they reacted to the woman a while ago implied that she was a huge part of them. Especially Perseus Jackson as he is the first one to walk away.

The Alpha sector knew this mission was going to be the hardest they ever had. But they also knew this was harder for the Beta Sector.

"What do you think happened to them?" Kiel asked Deter.

"I don't know. Let's just pray that they won't let this hinder our mission."Deter seriously answered.

"Especially that we are fighting against a deity as strong as Chaos." Valari said.

"I'm sorry for Xiana, she must feel out of place." Kiel muttered.

Deter snapped his jaw, "There are better things to feel sorry for."

Valari nodded, "Like how these children are fighting at a young age."

"That's not what I'm saying."

"What about you, Raw?"Kiel suddenly asked. Valari and Deter stared at him in alarm. " What do you think about the Beta Sector for this mission? Do you think they could do it?"

Azalea kept silent. She never vouced her opinions much. The three expected this treatment so was nver a surprise but then she suddenly spoke.

"They have to."Azalea answered. She turned to them void of all emotion. " If they can't do it, then we're all doomed. This rooted from them, I have a feeling it ends with them."

Once again, silence loomed over the group. No other sound could be heard except for their footsteps on the ground.


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