Chapter 35 | Could It Get Any Worse? Oh No, Wait! Don't Jinx It!

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Third Person POV

Bianca strided alongside Luke. Both of them were behind Lace Craig and Winston Burrow. The twoemvers of the Alpha remained silent. The Beta members, however silent, a miniature storm was brewing in them.

Bianca could see Luke's fidgeting hands. He held them firmly to his sides but they were visibly trembling. Bianca searched her commander's face in concern. His face showed little emotion yet his eyes were screaming mercy.

Coming back to Earth was hard for Bianca but she knew it was harder for Percy and Luke. She had a debt to her brother. Luke had a debt to everyone he knew here. still hurting. It was also admirable of Zoë to be okay coming back here since this is the place she had roamed for hundreds of years and had experienced heartache from her own family.

But Luke was about to face them immediately at the first day they arrived. This meetup was inevitable but it was too sudden. But as Luke said, he has responsibilities. He can't have special treatment just because he has a past here. Bianca just knew everyone would freak.

They all didn't want that.

Lace Craig stopped just outside the Big House. He tilted his head to look slightly at the two of them then continued moving forward. Bianca placed a hand on Luke's shoulder, causing him to turn to her. Since he can't see it if she smiled, she just nodded at him. Luke nodded back before striding forward as Lace Craig opened the door.

Bianca sighed, she hoped something good could come out of this meeting...or this mission.

But she knew it's all just lost hope.


As the four soldiers enter the Big House, the remaining Alpha Sector members immediately went to start setting up their base in Camp Half-Blood but their attention went to the woman who was inquiring the Beta Sector.

Azalea Raw was always curious about the Beta Sector. She knew there was something the Beta Sector have. Sonething powerful. And she believed that. That's why she always saw them as a threat. She felt something...different from them.

The Beta Sector showed a good bond between each member. They were had tye best group camaraderie in all the Sectors in the army. She admits it. But that also shows problems. They are emotionally inclined with each other. Disciplinary Actions in the army is important and their emotions towards the other might hinder the need to do it.

Good thing, it was never a case and she hoped it would never be.

But what bothered the most was their past lives on Earth.

When they were informed of this mission, she saw the look on their faces. It was all different emotions at once. That either meant they didn't want to go back or they had unfinished business in this planet. Either way, she was furious that Chaos had chosen them to accompany the Alpha in this mission. They were obviously emotionally compromised. And she as well as her commander, Lace Craig, didn't want any nuisance in any mission.

"Castellan?"the woman asked. " Is that what I heard? Did he call him, Castellan?"

Slowly, the three turned in their heels. The woman waited for an answer but no one gave her one. She studied the woman. She had blonde hair and tanned skin. Her body was fit, like it was on a daily diet. Azalea saw a subtle glimmer on her shoes. A dagger? Probably. But when Azalea looked at her eyes she knew she was in no emotional cindition to use it. Her eyes looked...broken. It told her that this woman has been through a hellish life and somewhere in the middle something inside her just...broke. She didn't know sonething like that could be seen in someone's eyes but the woman's eyes were expressive like she was tired hiding the emotions she felt. Somehow, Azalea respected that.

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