Purple flash

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💜 Belle's Pov 💜

[Don't play until I say so]

" I guess I can be in Class A but I don't want to." I said to the principle. " And why not?" The principal asked.

" Because I know I'm going get kicked out." I said.

"I'll be going to E class, alright goodbye." I said as politely as I could and walked out the door.

I saw the principal's son outside the door. " Ah, why hello Asano." I said politely. "Why, hello Belle." Asano said politely.

"I guess you were listening in on your father's and my conversation. " I said politely.

" Why are you going to Class E? You beat me for the top spot and going to the end class?! That doesn't make sense." Asano said.

" If you're going to stop talking f then so will I. So what if I'm going to class E?

I heard there are some nice, smart, and skilled people in there. I'll be on my way, goodbye." I said while walking away leaving Asano in shock.

I find E class on top of a hill. I walk up the hill.

I walk in to find Karasama and Irina. "Irina! Karasama!" I whisper yelled making sure my new classmates didn't hear me.

They turned and looked at me. Irina walked up to me and squeezed me until I turned blue.

Karasama pulled me out of her grasp. I was finally able to breathe. "I want to go in and kill the teacher." I said cheerfully.

I walk up to the door and knock. Then something yellow came into my vision.

"Looks like we have a new student! Come in and introduce yourself." The giant octopus said.

I nodded and walked into the center of the room.

" Hey my name is Belle Strauss and I have a twin who is coming in soon.

It's nice to meet you all. " I said with the brightest smile I could muster.

🔪😏 Karma's POV 🔪😏

The purple haired and heterochromia eyed girl named Belle was standing in the center of the room.

She introduced herself and ended it all with the brightest smile I've ever seen.

I feel a little heat rush to my face. I look around and see all the girl's except Okuda was smirking at me. I look back to Belle. She is still smiling.

Then Belle disappeared and the next thing I see is 5 of Korosensei's tentacles on the ground.

And saw her moving almost as fast as Korosensei and heard a gunshot. Too bad that she missed and he went into his liquid form to get away from her.

💜 Belle POV 💜

Karasama can in and saw a liquefied octopus. "I'm impressed, you did better then Karma did." Karasama said.

"I heard he is the sadist. Karma please stand." I said. A handsome redhead with mercury eyes stood up. It took a lot not to blush.

I held my hand out to shake and he took it. We shook and I sat next to him. Korosensei started talking but I zoned him out.

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