The Bloodbath

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I race to the nearest rucksack and throw it over my shoulders. I am just about to grab an axe when I look at the chaos going on around me.
A twelve year old girl slices an eighteen year old's body in half. Ahead of me is a huge pool of blood and two boys stand next to each other, staring, waiting to see who makes the first move.
I spin around just in time to see two boys fall into me, then I'm laying flat on the floor.
One of the boys jumps up and turns to the other, offering him a hand to pull him up. The other boy reaches for it, but the first is watching another speeding towards us and instead, runs off.
The tribute running towards us is getting closer and the boy atop me can't get up for some reason.
The boy is hauled of my back and slammed against the ground. He stops shaking. He doesn't move again.
I know, I know this is it. The journey of my life ends here, this tribute will kill me. But he doesn't.
He looks at me for a second, then dashes off to join the only other tributes that have decided to blatantly murder everyone.
They disappear into the jungle, leaving a few injured survivors, me and the dead behind.

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