chapter sixteen ; ...our lady of sorrows

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january. 2010.

"NO!" Millie screamed at the top of her lungs. 

Ever since she woke up to Romeo's dead and vomit covered body, she'd been crying her eyes out. She'd been crying so much that her entire face was in terrific pain. Whenever she first woke up she tried CPR and mouth to mouth but nothing worked. He was as dead as a door nail. 

"I killed him!" She yelled out in agony through her tears. She held the deceased boy's lifeless body in her lap as she continued to have a complete breakdown.  No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't calm down. 

With her hands frantically shaking, she pulled her cellphone out of her pajama pant pocket. She opened it up and quickly began to dial a very familier number. The phone ringed for only two or three seconds before the other side answered. 

"Hel-" Before he could finish, Millie cut him off by screaming into her phone. 

She swallowed hard and wiped her eyes. "I killed him Sean! I-I-I killed R-Romeo!" 

Sean was instantly confused. He did in fact remember Romeo Beckham, although he had no idea that the young man came back to town. Furthermore, he knew that something terrible must've happened because Millie would never kill someone on purpose. 

"Just slow down. What the hell happened?" The man retorted as he spun around in his desk chair. He was having a very busy day at the office and Millie's phone call wasn't helping his anxiety.

"He overdosed!" She shouted while wiping her face with her left hand. Her t-shirt was drenched in tears and Romeo's puke. It was really gross but she had more important things on her mind. 

"Calm down Millie. Just breathe and don't worry about anything. I'll send someone over to take care of the body." 

They ended the call and Sean twirled around in his desk chair. He scoffed and grabbed a notebook out of his desk drawer. He opened up the notebook to page 353 and found the phone number he was looking for. 

He really needed to get to work however helping Millie was more important to him. That girl was like the daughter he never had, and he truly cared about her. 


"Oh it feels great to be together again!" Marvin sang in a very Sinatra-esque tone. Finn groaned and rolled his eyes. 

"Can you shut the hell up and work?" The younger man scoffed. Marvin giggled nervously and walked over to one of the large boilers. Finn was in an especially awful mood. He obviously couldn't get his mind off of Romeo. All he could do was simply tell himself that he did Millie a favour. Although deep down, he knew he'd only hurt her.

Mavin bit his lip gently and inhaled deeply. He needed to ask Finn something but he was too anxious to actually do it. He'd always had a fear of rejection and it often consumed him. 

He swallowed hard. "Where does Ms. Brown live?" 

Finn furrowed his brows and cocked his head. The man's question was strange and it just seemed like a creepy thing to ask. He felt as if Marvin had some sort of ulterior motive. 

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