CHAPTER 4: It's a Maze? (Part 1)

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NOTE: I thought it would be interesting to have different point of views (POV) for this chapter. I will clearly indicate whose POV it is so there is no confusion. Enjoy!


"I mean out of all of us, who is actually willing to go out there and explore something we don't know anything about?" 

"I am."

My head quickly turns to face her, and I see her determined and confident expression as she looks at Minho. Minho just looks astonished, as if he can't believe that Rosa was the one who actually answered what was meant to be a rhetorical question. I stare at her, speechless, pondering over how someone who seemed so shy and gentle, could be so bold. The rest of the boys shout out either in surprise or dissent, causing doubt to slowly creep onto Rosa's face. I hope she is not feeling offended...They are bloody idiots to make someone so much braver than them to doubt herself, I think. 

"Oh come on, you can't be serious!" says the boy who suggested we explore beyond the Glade. "You are a girl. You are not strong enough to protect yourself from any danger! You will just get yourself killed if you go out there." At this, everyone gasps at how bluntly he just talked about Rosa's death, and look at her for her reaction. My blood boils at his rudeness towards her, and I immediately start disliking him. Next to me, I hear Rosa take a deep breath and I'm suddenly worried about how she might take this. Despite the courage she had displayed, I know she has a kind, soft heart and that she probably takes words very seriously. 

"Firstly, can you please tell me your name?" she says, in a calm voice. There is no trace of anger or distaste in her voice. I look at her and she seems to hold up a calm façade, and I wonder where she is going with this. 

The boy looks at her with a flicker of confusion on his face as he says "Chris".

"Well, Chris." she replies, standing up. "What makes you think that I am not strong enough to defend myself? What makes you think that I am not smart enough to prevent myself from being killed?" Her voice is low and composed, and she slowly walks towards him while speaking. Chris, on the other hand, stands his ground and remains sitting, though anger and embarrassment is clearly evident on his face. 

"You haven't seen me do anything that gives evidence for your false and rude opinion. I daresay I am stronger than you in a lot of ways, seeing that I have to guts to actually do something instead of sitting around and just talking." She had reached where he was sitting now, and I could see his discomfort at being towered by Rosa. I smile to myself, proud at how she is managing to convey her message just through words. If it was a boy, there would probably have been a fistfight and several bloody noses by now.

"I am the only girl here, yet I have handled this situation much better than you have, who, as I remember, were bawling your eyes out like a baby. So please, get rid of your stereotyped opinions or don't share them because I can prove you wrong, and that will be just embarrassing for you!" With that, she walks away from him and sits again next to me, with a small smile of victory on her face. I take her hand and give it a light squeeze, and she turns to me and gives a sweet smile and turns away to look at Alby.

"Alby, I think before we do anything, we need a leader. Someone who can manage to keep order and make decisions for us." she tells him, and the rest of the boys nod in agreement. 

"Alright. I agree we should do that, and we should do it by voting. Any ideas on who can be the first-in-command?" Alby asks. 

I clear my throat and reply, "I think it should be you, Alby. You have been the most composed out of all of us and I can clearly see the characteristics of a good leader in you." I turn to face everyone else. "Does everyone agree to that?" Alby looks at me, then the rest of the boys, and is surprised to see that most of them are happy with this idea. I see that Chris is just playing with the grass, and I get a gut feeling that he is going to be trouble later on. 

"So, Captain Alby, what shall we do about these openings?" asks Minho, and I shake my head at his sarcastic tone. 

"I think we should wait a few days to see whether they close and if they do, figure out if there is a specific time they open and close." I see Rosa's face fall in disappointed, but she quickly covers it. "In meantime, I think we need to figure out what jobs each of us should do. As your leader, I'm also going to choose a second and third-in-command to help me."

At this point, I no longer pay attention to the gathering and I think about the dream I had last night. What did that woman mean by 'WICKED is good'? What is WICKED? And whose voice was it that kept telling me to remember her?

Author's Note

Since the chapter ended up being too long, I decided to break it into two parts. BUT OMG I JUST LOVED WRITING THIS PART OF THE CHAPTER!!!! Firstly, there is Newt's point of view, and he is so protective of Rosa! Moreover, this chapter is a character development for Rosa, as this chapter shows that even though she is sweet and caring, she can be so courageous and badass! 

What do you all think of this part and Rosa's personality? Let me know in the comments!

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