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Gym we continued playing volleyball, and I continued being awful at it.

Once the period ended I grabbed my bag and started running to english to see Jasper.

I walked in and sat in the same seat as yesterday, two minutes later Jasper walked in smiling up at me before sitting next to me.

"Hello darlin." Japser greeted as he pulled out the great Gatsby, and smiled to me.

"Hey" I responded going to the page I was on in book.

After a couple minutes of comfortable silence, I started to get cold, the windows to the room being opened.

"Are you cold?" Jasper asked, looking up concerned.

"Uh yeah, a little." I stated, trying to focus on the book and forget about the chill.

"Here, wear my jacket." He exclaimed putting his jacket around my tiny frame

"Thank you Jasper." I stated, blushing but looking into his eyes.

"Don't worry about it darlin." Jasper responded going back to his work.

For the rest of the period the whole class was silent, except for the teacher answering student questions.

The bell rang, I stood up going to give Jasper his black jacket.

"Don't" he stated, putting the oversized jacket back around my shoulders.

"Are you sure?" I asked, looking up at him, as I grabbed my bag and book.

"Yeah, you can give it back to me at the end of the day, it looks better on you." Jasper answered, as he left for his 4th period.

I walked into creative writing, and the second Alice saw me she squealed, and ran up to hug me.

"Oh my it's happening." she squealed hugging me tightly as I sat down.

"What is Alice?" I asked looking at her, as I started typing a writing piece on my computer.

"You're wearing Jasper's jacket." Alice stated, acting like it was obvious.

"Alice it's just a jacket." I responded putting my arms through the large sleeves, the bottoms of my hands not visible through the long sleeves.

"You guys will be adorable!" Alice screeched, as she started typing in her own computer.

"Alice stop." I stated blushing furiously while tying to stay focused.

"Could you see yourself with him?" Alice egged on, trying to get the thought of us together in my head.

"Honestly yeah, but I don't even know him that well yet." I answered, as I turned in my short story piece.

"Then get to know him." Alice begged, as Danny sat back down from turning in his piece.

"That's what I'm trying to do." I responded, grabbing my book and putting in my messanger bag.

After around 20 minutes of comfortable silence as we edited our pieces the bell rang, and the three of us all walked to lunch together again.

Alice and Danny went straight to the table, while I went to the lunch line and got an apple juice bottle and blueberry bagle.

I made my way to the table and sat between Rosalie and Jasper.

"Just a quick question, which of all you are actually related?" I asked, as I started eating my bagle.

"Well Rosalie and I are twins and Danny is our little brother, and Emmet and Alice are twins." Jasper answered as he threw a grape at Emmet.

"Thats cool, having such a big family." I stated looking down at my bagle, feeling lonely.

"What about you? Who's in your family?" Rosalie asked, with Emmet's arm around her.

"Umm, it's just me and my dad." I answered, feeling upset over thinking about my mom.

"What about your mom?" Alice asked, I don't think she meant to be rude or invading that's just how it sounded.

"Umm, well she died of cancer six months ago." I responded, my eyes tearing up a bit.

I tried to ignore all the sympathetic glances, but I couldn't handle it.

"Umm I'll be right back." I mumbled before picking up and leaving, with Japser hot on my trail.

"Clove, where are you going!?" Jasper yelled down the hall connected to to the lunch room.

"I don't know." I answered wiping the escaped tears that fell down my face, Jasper ran towards me pulling me into his arms.

"Hey, it's ok just breathe." Jasper whispered trying to calm me down.

"I don't think I can keep it together right now." I cried into his chest, his cold hand coming up to stroke my hair.

"It's ok, do you want to go home?" Jasper suggested, hugging me to his chest.

"Uh yeah I think I will, I can take my board." I responded looking up at him, with his arms around my waist.

"No way, I'll take you home." Jasper stated as he ran and got Emmet's keys.

"Come on darlin." Jasper continued grabbing my attention, as he grabbed my hand pulling me to the car.

"Where do you live?" Jasper asked as we both hopped into the car, my tears drying on my face, I typed my address on the GPS.

I looked down and notice Jasper still hadn't let go of my hand, and smiled, he made me feel safe like everything would be okay.

"Here we are ma'am." Jasper stated pulling up to my house.

"Do want to stay for awhile?" I asked, looking up into his golden eyes staring at me with worry.

"I'd love too."

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