Certain Foods

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I, as a VERY demanding person, I HATE certain foods. Not just plain off the wall dislike, i mean I eat GOURMET. All because I have a extremely sensitive palette. I hate things most people LOVE! examples: Mashed potatoes, chocolate milk/ ice cream/ syrup, salmon, Spanish candy, corn tortillas (I only like flour), Dr. Pepper (I will drink Pepsi and coke though), any DIET drink, filtered water (I drink tap), and much more.

And I HATE when people try force these inhumane foods down my throat. OH! I forgot. Since my palette is so sensitive, I can taste things most people cant; like to much pepper and salt. I also hate spicy food. If it like, has a little bit of a kick, ill eat it. But if it has been murdered with the raging fire humans call jalapeños, someone gonna die because they murdered my precious mouth.

Any one agree?

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