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A glorious day in New York City, buildings are crumbling, civilians are screaming an alien invasion is taking place.

December teleported over to Natasha Romanoff and Barton as they fought on a bridge against yet another hoard of Chitauri, kinda went something like this,

Barton trips one alien, Natasha zaps another than she goes off to shoot a couple with their own weapons, Clint knocks over an alien and shoots a couple more, then Natasha takes on three and stabs them too. The half Greek goddess on the other hand is battling those in farther range, also making sure that the civilians on this street had escaped into basements or into the subway.

An alien tackles Clint to the cement groaned and he groans as he stabs  it, and then throws the warrior to the ground. Out of nowhere, another Chitauri attacks him and kicks him onto the trunk of a cab.

Natasha stabs a warrior with the Chitauri weapon and hits the other over the head. She spins to her knees, aims in one direction, and fires. Another Chitauri charges, as she spins the weapon in that direction and fires. She continuously fires as Clint and December fight along side her. Clint is slammed into the roof of the car then thrown onto the ground, the normal mortal is getting tired, though he continues to fight.

December smiles as she sees the resiliency of the humans, Midgard really was an incredible planet, the ignorance and pride of the other races really surprised her, because some of them, compared to earth were a load of bullocks. 

Natasha takes on two more Chitauri. They back her onto a taxi cab. They hit after her but she moves her head out of the way. She gets her footing, and tries to hit them with the weapon but an alien grabs it and throws her feet into the air. She lands on the car and screams in pain, breathing heavily.

Natasha and Barton are becoming surrounded by Chitauri, while December is a little busy with a group of her own, sure she could use more of her power, but SHIELD was watching her to closely and she didn't fully trust the cooperation nowadays, it had become to corrupted. Captain America rejoins them -- hitting Chitauri out the way and even Thor drops down from the tower and kills Chitauri with a bolt of lightening.

"What's the story upstairs?" Rogers asked.

Thor breathes heavily as he walks up to the man, "the power surrounding the cube is impenetrable." December leans on a bus, waiting for the humans to make a decision, well sort off waiting

Tony agrees, "Thor is right."

"We gotta deal with these guys." December says gesturing to the aliens.

Natasha asks, "How do we do this?"

"As a team." December snickers at Caps' patriotism.

Thor glares at her then looks to Steve, "I have unfinished business with Loki."

Clint is collecting and readying his arrows, "oh yeah?! Get in line."

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