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Suddenly the large device with the tesseract powers up and shoots a stream of blue energy into the sky, slowly creating a portal to the realm from which the Chitauri army awaits the battle, the hoard of aliens begins to fly through.

Through the helmet of Tony's' Iron Man suit, his voice showing that he's trying to take in what he's seeing, "right! Army..."

Ironman blasts away speeding toward the incoming army, out of view of both December and Loki. She steps forward, throwing off the illusion of invisibility, she calmly asks, "do you remember me Loki?"

He scowls at the witch, "what care would I have for someone so unmemorable like you?"

Even as he said it, a voice in the back of his mind whispered a long forgetten sentence, "I wonder which will get you killed faster- your loyalty or your stubbornness?" An image flashed in his mind, of the girl who stood in front of him, smirking, as he had pulled her away from the death of an arrow.

Loki blinked, "D-December?" He suddenly shook his head, his eyes becoming bluer then they ever were, "no matter. Oh December, it has been years, normal people don't quite darkness do they? They don't understand how beautiful it is? Do you see now?"

December went numb, if she hadn't she would have noticed that her whole body was shaking, her mind raced, she recognized those blue eyes. She had seen them on herself.

Thanos... No... NO. It was really starting- Was it? It couldn't be, he couldn't be ready yet- She- She needed to get away.

She pleaded with a broken voice, "Loki please..."

He only laughed, striding out of the room, leaving the shaking half Greek goddess. "Play at hero while you can, enjoy what time you have left, for soon, I will fix it all, and you will finally understand. Go play hero little girl."

Outside she could hear Tony Stark blowing up chitauri, she could hear the dimmed screams of the earthlings.

Loki sauntered out of the room, her eyesight flashed into Thor's mind as he landed on Tony's Stark Tower, she watched as the two argued and began to attack each other. December was about to go help Thor, though she couldn't do much, when suddenly she heard a high pitched scream. Though the others would never hear it, her powers picked up on it. 

She disappeared in a rush, teleporting toward the voice, she had given herself the job to protect the mortals, she might as well get back to work, she had a long enough break.

December appeared in front of a group of mortals who were about to be attacked by the horrific and slightly pathetic aliens. She threw her hands out in front of her, and daggers of ice and magic shot out, piercing the chitauri, she turned around hurriedly, "get into the subways!" They looked at her in fear, December rolled her eyes and snapped, "hurry!"

Above her the jet flies by, Loki had just blasted one of the jet's rotor blades with his sceptre- it caught fire, smoke billowing behind the quinjet that was spiralling to ground. Thor and Loki continued to fight, as December teleported a multitude of times, making sure to remain under or a little behind the jet, watching out for any citizens that could be caught under the damage the jet was causing.

She could sense Natasha and Barton holding on for their dear lives, and a quick flash into the eyes of Cap showed that he had grabbed a hold of a pipe as the plane came closer to the ground, once again she threw her hands out, only this time large fragments of ice rose quickly to catch the jet and stop it from hitting the building, she let out a breath of air when Captain America and the two SHIELD agents exited the jet.

December achieved eye contact with cap, giving a mocking salute, before disappearing again to another area of New York, fighting off the enemy. While she pulled a solo act and fought aliens, protecting the mortals with both her magic and winter powers, Steve Rodgers and the rest of the group was trying to make its way back to the Stark Tower.

Suddenly a loud roar was heard, even December paused to watch the large leviathan slowly descend upon the battlefield of New York, her eyes narrowed in recognition of the carrier like monster, but the half goddess didn't have time to watch, she had even more civilians in danger now.

She sometimes questioned why she still did this, she had been fighting for humans since she had 'left' Asgard, since the streets of Paris were paved in 1184 AD. For thousands of years she has been fighting for the world that both the Greek and Asgardians had given up on.

From her stolen earpiece she half heartedly listened as Tony Stark asked if Banner had shown up yet, December watched as Iron man flew over following the leviathan.

Her sight flashed into Thor's body again, he was holding Loki down as he gestured to the chaos in Manhattan below them. Thor yelled, "look at this! Look around you! You think this madness will end with your rule?"

Loki watched as Thor's eyes turned the ice blew of the woman's', and he seemed to hesitate for a second, before Thor's eyes went back to normal, "It's too late. It's too late to stop it."

"No. We can, together."

Loki paused with fake contemplation, before slipping a knife into his hand and stabbing thor in the stomach, Loki scoffed, "sentiment!"

December was watching the fight from a Stark Towers' floor underneath the ledge they fought on, Thor got back up and lifted Loki throwing him on the floor.

The platinum blonde haired woman destroyed a few flying Chitauri crafts, leaving one. Loki wasn't the enemy, he was only a pawn and a victim in the cruel game of Thanos. The hated prince of Asgard rolled himself off the edge of the tower, only to land on the craft that December had left, he flew off with a troop of aliens.

Thor scrunched up his face in angry, she was pretty sure he could sense her, and that definitely wasn't good.

December teleported back to the battleground and continued to fight, protecting the mortals from debris and everything else. She had only ever truly, properly, fought beside one person. The woman wasn't exactly good at teamwork, even after all these millenniums, so she did not join up with the 'avengers' as they fought, though sometimes she lended some help.

Everyone was fighting, Clint and Natasha reminiscing about Budapest, Cap being patriotic and politely arguing with police men to get the crowds into subways or basements and about perimeters and blah, while Iron man on the other hand decided to have a playdate with the Leviathan.

Tony fired a stream of ammunition at the Leviathan which in turn began to follow him, ploughing through another building or a few... or ten.

December flashed to his sight again, he complained to himself, "well it noticed me."

The woman raised an eyebrow from where she was fighting, and directing traffic into the subway, she clicked the earpiece, "what the hades was step 2, Stark?

She received no response as he flew off the Leviathan following him.

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