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December smiled painfully as once again her magic forced her to flash through the eyes of multiple different people. The people who would help protect earth. Lovely, Young earth.

In the field, Thor lifts Mjolnir to the skies. Dramatic as always. Captain Rogers straps his red, white and blue shield onto his back. Clinton Barton puts on his quiver. Natasha powers up her Widow's Bite. Her bracelets light up in an electric blue colour. Tony Stark is in a workshop making repairs to his helmet. Agents walk by in the background. The helmet lights up. And another flash back to Thor as he summons a bolt of lightening. The field grows dark, with clouds. His armor slowly begins to fly on. Barton and Natasha walk side-by-side behind Captain America, who is leading them through the lower hangar bay. They're all ready to kick butt. Thor's armor finally gathers.

December stood discreetly in the bridge room, letting out a drizzle of magic to have anyone other than Fury overlook her, he already knew she was there. She grabbed her head as another headache came on, this one large than the last couple of ones she had, because, well how many people did she see through? Six? Seven? Eight. Eight flashes in such a short period of time made her head feel like it was overheating.

Not using her magic was hurting her so much. But she couldn't release it, not yet.

After a few minutes the pain had become bearable. Nick Fury was holding the bloodied cards that Coulson owned, he was looking the over, while over looking the air deck/bridge. 

Maria Hill walked up to him, "sir."

"Agent Hill."

The agent crossed her arms, "those cards, they were in Coulson's locker, not in his jacket."

From her spot on the wall December inputted her opinion, "they needed the push." The director nodding in agreement with her. He saw the quintet and Iron Man take off towards the city, through the glass.

A voice over the intercom stated, "We've got unauthorized departure from Bay Six."

"They found him." December said smiling, as if in a I-told-you-so manner. 

Fury looked up, "get our communications back up, whatever you have to do. I want eyes on everything."

"Yes, sir." Maria said and started to walk away.

Director Fury halted before leaving the bridge and spoke to December, "I'm assuming you've had a hand in making things go smoothly. Whatever you are, I really do hope your on our side."

As he left the room December sighed, and walked to the centre of the room, she looked around, sighing, "all in do time, all in do time." She then promptly walked into the wall, somehow disappearing into it. Teleporting to another location.


Tony Stark was in his Iron man suit flying towards the city, his suit was glitching, losing power. He continued to make his way to one of the tallest buildings, to his Stark Tower.

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