No Secrets?

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Darius was back at work, as was I, though he was less demanding than usual. I had spent most of the day in the back office photocopying certain documents, only being called by him once. I guess he was avoiding me after last time; I don't blame him.

I wasn't too sure if he was coming on to me or just playing around, after all he was going to get married to someone else, so why bother fooling around?

There was also the matter with Xavier . . .

"Stupid men in stupid suits," I mumbled as I was holding a box full of paper.

"I hope it's not me you're cursing."

I rolled my eyes and turned around as I watched Darius enter the room. He sauntered towards me with one hand in his pocket and took the box with ease placing it down on the desk.

"I'm a little busy here," I mentioned.

"I can see," he smiled, "though you should really ask for help if you're going to be carrying all these heavy boxes."

I pursed my lips at the haughty smile on his face, "I can handle it myself and anyway since when did you become so caring?"

He brushed a few strands away from my face, "who says I wasn't caring from the beginning?"

I scoffed and took a step back, "you do remember pushing past me, causing me to fall when we first met?" I narrowed my eyes at him.

"That?" He placed a finger on his chin as he thought, taking years off that rugged face of his. "Hmm, I don't recall doing anything of the sort, my apologies if I did."

I took another step back, my eyes widening gradually, "who are you and what have you done to Darius Fontaine?" I asked suspiciously.

Darius chuckled, and for some reason it always made me feel strange when he did so. When his eyes would crinkle and the lines around his mouth grew prominent, he looked like he was happy.

"What's wrong?" He asked, taking my hand and stroking it with his other.

"I-n-nothing it's just, why are you being so nice to me?"

I was still so confused and Darius was not helping, I honestly had no idea what he was doing and it was frustrating.

"I'm just being cordial - how I usually am, we just happened to have started on the wrong foot." He replied with a shrug, still putting me on edge.

I retracted my hand and placed both behind me, Darius just stood with a ghost of a smile on his face. His hazel eyes were shining brightly with a hidden secret. 

"You're up to something." I eyed him once again.

"What makes you think so?" He sighed and took his place on the sofa, leaning back and crossing his legs.

"Well obviously you're embarrassed because I turned you down and now you're just trying to play all nice so you can get back at me for shaming you."

"Clever, but not quite."

I scoffed and sat on the opposite chair, of course keeping my distance not knowing what he was thinking in that obtuse head of his. I patted my skirt and swivelled left and right on the chair; Darius' cool gaze stared at me with that strange smile on his long lips.

"So what is it then?" I asked crossing my arms.

"Can't a man be good to his assistant?" He quirked his brow, placing his hands on his lap as he twiddled his fingers.

I shrugged at his aloofness, "not if he's been treating me like dirt for the past two months and has now somehow seen the light," I scoffed, "seriously I'm kind of fed up having to work with all these," I huffed and paused to think of the right word, "secrets."

"Who says there are any secrets?"

That was not the right word.

He seemed inquisitive, strands of hair flopping over his eyes as he leaned his laced fingers over his legs. I couldn't stare at him, for fear his unnerving gaze would put me off.

I shook my head, "I don't mean it like that, you're just—"

"I'm what," he interrupted, "what do you plan to say?"

I felt flustered under his scrutiny, and managed to blurt something out I didnt want to. Darius seemed like he was waiting for some important information, though I was not going to let my lips loose.

"Nothing, you're just acting shifty and it's getting on my nerves." I sighed.

"You sure there isn't anything else you're not telling me?" He licked his dry lips and quirked a brow.

I closed my eyes for a moment and heaved out a sigh, "no and stop being so intrusive."

Before he could open his mouth to say something witty, albeit in his case somewhere on the mature side, my phone started ringing.

I checked to see it was Xavier, sighing I had hoped it was Amanda. She was still ignoring me.

I declined the call and got up, I needed to finish off my work so I could go home. I was in need of a nice warm bath after all this lifting.

The phone rang again, I was about to decline it once more when Darius snatched the phone from my hands.

"How did you even—"

"Stop calling her Elray."

I held a hand to my heart, feeling the sudden beating increase like a drum as he hung up on his brother.

"Why did you do that?" I almost breathed out.

"Why not? He's an idiot who's using you to get back at me." He spoke in a matter of fact tone.

I could feel my face become tense as I furrowed my brows, taking a step back I fell back on the chair.


"Like I said Downy, he's making you out to be an idiot. I don't know what he told you back at the house, but I'm sure with your pretty little reaction right now, he hasn't told you everything."

He knelt before me as I held my hands on either side of the armrest. I still didn't comprehend his words properly.

"Xavier . . . using me?" I questioned, "b-but how and I-actually how do I know you're telling the truth." I shook my head, trying to think responsibly.

Darius' cheeks rose through his smile, "you're so predictable." He shook his head and held his hand over his mouth and sighed, "Elisa look at me."

I followed my gaze towards his hazel eyes. The green in them more prominent against the brown tones. He titled his head to the side and smiled once more.

"I'm a billionaire with my own business, I have had many ventures throughout my life, a few houses, cars, you name it." He shrugged as he flayed his arms around. "So tell me, if I have everything why would I need to do anything to get back at my bastard of a brother?"

His tone grew sharp and dark as he spoke, the venom in his voice showcasing his hatred for him brother.

Did he really not have a motive? Was Xavier really only using me?

"I-I want you to tell me everything then, why are you two so against each other and how have I got into this all?"

"Sure, but we must do this over dinner." He spoke through a strangely velvety voice.

"Smooth way of asking me out on a date," I rolled my eyes.

"I don't need to do so, seeing as I can already picture you falling at my feet."

I slapped my face, "maybe because that is why I'm in this bloody mess." I sighed and ruffled my hair, "if it helps me get out of work early then let's go and eat. I am starving."

And so my stupid life with my boss was now starting to become a rather strange life.

If someone is out there, please make a small prayer for me.

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