Chapter 43: Here to Do My Job

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After confessing everything to Rashad, things between us was surprisingly more cordial. It seemed as if all of the dirt was on the table and we were both finally content with moving on. It was weird because a month literally flew by and Rashad was being nicer to me the more time that passed. I didn't understand why, especially since I had confessed to him everything about Phillip. I was thankful for how neutral he was being.

Phillip was still in the picture, but I saw him every other weekend and we mostly talked on the phone. Things were still the same between us in that time. He wanted more, but I let him know that I still wasn't ready for more. I was focused on counseling with Dr. Osborne, my new job at Visual Energy, and my daughters.

It was Friday night and I was at the movies with Tanya. Of all the movies to go see, she wanted to go see Acrimony with Taraji P. Henson. She was a huge fan of her character Cookie and begged me to go see it with her.

While standing in line to get popcorn, my eyes almost popped out of the socket when I saw Rashad there with another woman. Her arm was looped through his as they walked inside the concession area. Since he didn't see me, I tried to pretend I didn't see him, I turned my back and focused on the board. Tanya was squinting at the menu trying to decide what she wanted but my heartbeat had mostly drowned her out.

"You don't want anything?" She asked.

"Just something to drink," I said clearing my throat. I was strategically trying my best not to be seen.

After Tanya paid, she handed me my drink and we began to walk in the direction of our theater.

"Is that?" Tanya asked and it was the minute Rashad also saw me. All four of us stood frozen, this hadn't happened before in a cordial way, so I didn't know what to say or do. Technically, Rashad was still my husband but he was on a date. We finally spoke and I looked at the woman as she held on to his arm a little tighter.

"I'm Joy and this is my best friend, Tanya," I forced a smile on my face and outstretched my hand. I wanted Rashad to know I was cool even though I felt anything but that at the moment.

"I'm Vanessa," the woman shook my hand with her free one and then Tanya's before resuming holding on to Rashad.

Rashad looked at me. "Did you get my message?" He asked.

"I did," I shook my head. "I was going to text you back after I made sure of the dates of their program." Both girls took dance at their pre-school and they had a small recital coming up. Rashad's parents were celebrating their anniversary with a huge party and wanted me and the girls to be there. I was skeptical about going which is the reason I was truly hesitating. I didn't want to hurt his mom but I also felt like it was time for me to start weening myself from family events. It was only going to confuse everyone.

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