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Through the busy lanes of Mumbai a car is seen moving at jet speed, driven by a man with his newly wedded wife by his side. They were married only a few hours back. They were heading back to Mumbai due to their respective professional lives, from Delhi. The man was undoubtedly Shivaay Singh Oberoi and his newly wedded wife was Annika Trivedi without no doubt. It was undeniable that they were married but it was also a fact that they didn't know each other at all and had met only a day before their marriage. Yes it was indeed true.


Shivaay was an English professor in one of the prestigious universities in Mumbai, he had only his mom Pinky and was the only child. She had brought him up with much difficulty as a single parent. He spent most of his days away from home first in a hostel, then abroad for his higher education and now in Mumbai. He was happy with life, believed in humanity, hoped for miracles, accepted anything life through at him with open arms, loved people unconditionally, respected everyone, valued everything, was very grateful and was go lucky on life, but had his own set of troubles which he never shared with anyone. He could never see his close ones in pain or dismay. His mom Pinky had kept on pestering him that it was high time he got married, he denied it and ran away from it as much as he could but when his mom had emotionally blackmailed him, he had no option than to comply to it.


Annika was a cardiologist at a hospital in Mumbai. She was also the only child of a single parent. She had only her papa Harshvardhan Trivedi who was a renowned business man in delhi. She never believed in marriage or love, she thought it was all superficial and never wanted to get tied in one of those bonds. She lived in reality. She valued human beings and respected them beyond anything. She knew the value of life. She only wanted to help many people as much as she could through her profession. Life had been easy for her, but her papa had insisted she get married and she had denied it outright. But her papa had suffered a heart attack all of a sudden, and she had to give in to his demands only for his  health.

---The fact was very simple both of them didn't believe in love or marriage.They valued life and human beings and were grateful for it.But nothing made them believe in love or marriage, or it also could be that they had bitter experiences of love or marriage.But they are the best people who could tell us about it and they'd definitely reveal it in future---


Pinky had selected Annika for her son through a marriage broker, and had gone to Harshvardhan with the proposal, Harshvardhan had agreed to the proposal after completely  inquiring about shivaay. He had found out that he'd be the best partner for his daughter who'd look after his daughter after his death one day. And Pinky had found annika ideal for her son. 

---But it was only what the elders thought. Shivaay or Annika didn't give each other even a damn. Yes that was true again.---


Shivaay and Annika had just seen each other's photos and had agreed to their parents' choice. They actually didn't care or think about marriage or life after it very seriously. They had talked on phone once or twice but that was nothing special it had been either on their professional front or of needing space in their personal lives.

They had met a day before the wedding and had requested the wedding to not be a pompous affair. It had been a very sombre event with all the other rituals carried on one day and them being married in the temple the next day. The only people at their wedding were some close friends of Annika and shivaay and their family. They had been married only early morning and they had headed to delhi the evening on the same day. Annika had agreed to stay at shivaay's flat in Mumbai only due to her father's insistence. She had to obey it after all she loved her dad over anything in the world, yes even over her profession.


They had not spoken anything after their wedding because they had found it too awkward. There was a strange feeling between both of them. They were silent till now, With shivaay driving his car and Annika staring at nothing in particular. They exchanged awkward glances and smiles from time to time.

"If you are feeling cold, switch off the Air conditioner doctor" it was shivaay who broke the silence first.

"No it's really ok shivaay sir" it was Annika who spoke this time.

"Then Use my coat doctor" shivaay said handing her over his coat smiling awkwardly.

"Thank you shivaay sir" annika said taking it 

"By the way you can call me Annika, Shivaay sir and not doctor" annika spoke genuinely

"You could call me Shivaay too doctor" shivaay replied back.

"I was just respecting your profession, if you want I'd try calling you shivaay" annika smiled

"I was doing the same Annika, hope you'd not mind me not respecting you" he spoke teasing her.

"No not at all" she smiled back.

The rest of the journey remained a silent one with Annika staring at her wedding ring, twisting and turning it. And shivaay driving the car.

----They surely were going towards their destination, which was shivaay's flat. But WAIT! was Destiny trying to play its game in between them----


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