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9- "You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." – Winnie the Pooh

Today was the first day back to school after spring break. I did not want to go back to school, this vacation may have just been the best vacation because I've met Wonder but now I have to back to school.

When I leave for school my father and my mother have already left for the hospital.  My school is about ten minutes away from here so I usually take the bus.

It makes me wonder, what school does Wonder go to. I haven't seen her at my school, maybe I haven't noticed her until now. 

I leave my house and head to Wonders. I knock on the door and I heard feet hitting the wood flooring. The door swings open and reveals Wonder in a black tank top that is tucked into a royal blue skirt. She looks surprised when she sees me, "Jason what are you doing here?"

"I came to ask you what school you go to?"  Her brush comes to a holt in her hair- she was brushing it.

"Nobel Wells High, you?" My eyebrows shoot upwards.

I tilt my head to the side. "How come I've never seen you?" I ask her curiously.

A smile aches on her face, "I don't know honestly. I don't have no classes together. What period do you have lunch?"

"7th." She replies combing the brush through her hair.

I couldn't help but grin, we have the same lunch period. How in the hell did I miss her before? I must have been blind or something. "So do I."

Wonder's eyes sparkle, "You can sit with me if you want?"

That means I have to sit with her friends. I think the fuck not, "No you sit with me."

"Okay," She replies softly. Suddenly Chase appears behind Wonder and comes out of the house glaring at us.

He snarls at us, "Move would you." He brushed passed Wonder. "Jesus move your fat ass."  She tumbles forward but quickly caught herself making sure she didn't fall.

"Can't we just be mature about this Chase? We broke up, that's happens sometimes but that doesn't mean that we have to hate each other." She sighs looking up at him.

Chase clenches his jaw. "You broke up with me to whore around with that freak," He nods over to me, "And you actually want me to like you. If you think that Wonder then you truly are stupid."

I step infront of her, "Just because she didn't want your pathetic ass doesn't make her stupid. It makes you a bad boyfriend." I grit out, the sudden need to protect her over came me.

Chase pushes his chest out taking a step towards me. "I don't fucking remember fucking asking you." He spits.

"I'll warn you now, get out of my fucking face." I push him back ready to break his nose. I stop when Wonder grabs the crook of my arm.

She mumbles, "He isn't worth it."

Chase staggers forwards and pushes passed us. He doesn't leave before saying, "Watch your back."

After that, I let Wonder finish getting ready. All she had to was finish her hair and brush her teeth. When she's done we begin our walk to the bus stop.

We walk in silence for most of it but I interrupt and say, "I don't want you staying with him."

She carries on walking but glances at me at the corner of her eye. "Jason, I'll be fine. Chase is just a little hot headed, when things didn't go his way he threw a temper tantrum."

"Wonder I don't like it."

She frowns, "Well I'm sorry but I don't have any other place to go. That's my home as much as it is his. I pay rent, I clean up and I buy groceries. I can't just throw that all away just because we broke up." She rants.

"You could stay with me." I offer disregarding what she had said.

Wonder stubbornly shakes her head, "No Jason. I'm not leaving, your father doesn't even like me. He thought I was a prostitute." She pauses, "What difference will it even make? You like- what? Four doors down from me."

"The difference would be that your with me and not him." I snap.

Wonder stops walking, "Oh," She pauses, "Are you jealous Jason? " She raises an eyebrow at me.

I cross my arms over my chest, "Yeah I am." I hear her giggle a little causing me to reach out and pull her into my body. "Wonder. I don't like it."

She lets her hands rest on my chest and brushes her nose on my shirt. "You don't need to worry." She mumbles pressing her lips on my chest. "I'm not with Chase I'm with you."

I smile, "Your with me?"

Wonder's eyes widen and quickly takes a step back, "I mean- uh um, yeah. I don't know."

She's not getting away that quickly, I grab her wrist and pull her back into my body. " You are with me. I'm selfish, your mine." This girl is going to death of me.

She flashes me a grin then I die right there.

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