Chapter 2.

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♥♥ Hello guys! So this is the first  real chapter, but technically the second, hence the chapter name. Just want to say thankyou to my 2 fans i now have! ^.^ I hope you enjoy this part and I'll try to come up with a schedule to upload ofter, like maybe twice a week since it's summer? Also, on Saturday I'm leaving for a week, so I will owe everyone a couple uploads. P.S this might have some self-harm...♥♥

~~~~~ Louis' POV ~~~~~

BOOM! BOOM! I'm rudely awakened by the crackling thunder, still as loud as ever. I blink a few times, trying to let my eyes adjust to the darkness surrounding me and the boy whose legs are intertwined with mine. I glance out the window but quickly shut my eyes tight as i see a eye-blinding flash also known as lightning. I don't realize it but I've let out a small whimper, letting my Hazza know I'm awake and very scared. "Lou bear... it's like 3 in the morning, please go back to sleep?" he whispers groggily. I quickly shake my head. "Haz it's too loud.. c-could you sing to me please?" I ask softly, feeling vulnerable and afraid of rejection. "Of course boo" he replies before softly singing How to Save a Life by The Fray, knowing that's one of my favorites. His deep voice soothes me as I retake my postition of being curled into his chest. I let my thoughts take over again as I feel myself drifting off. 'he's so sweet... my boo.. my hazza... my curly.. my pumpkin... MY Harry... just mine.... oh how I wish that was actually true' were my last thoughts before completely falling into a restless sleep.


I let out a tired yawn and glance at the clock '7:32'... man, I dont even think Liam is up right now. I look away from the clock as I let out another obnoxious yawn and remembering my thoughts from the night before. I realize the warmth that's usually pressed into my side is missing. I look around and realize Harry's not here...

I get up and travel to the bathroom, rubbing my sleepy eyes, I see the doors shut so I jiggle the knob to no avail. It's locked.. why is it locked? The boys never lock the door... maybe whoever it is, is tossing themselves off... but still, I've walked in on Niall doing that on the tour bus once, not trying to hide it at all. I turn the knob again before knocking... "Harry? Can i come in real quick? I just need to brush my teeth". No answer. "Hello? Liam? Harry?". Still no answer. Fine be that way.. I reach for the key and open it to see something I didn't expect at all....

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