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Directions: Choose from among the suggested answers the word that means most nearly the same as the word in capital letters. On your Answer Sheet, shade completely the box that corresponds to your answer.

Ang PAGAL na guro ay sandaling tumigil bago muling nagpatuloy sa pagsasalita.

1. pagod            2. galit            3. pihikan

4. mabagal        5. mahinahon

A special group in the police force is believe to be engage in FURTIVE activities.

    1. illegal            2. suspicious        3. unusual

    4. worthy        5. secret

The Defense presented its case to the jury in a TRENCHANT manner.

1. Legalistic        2. dignified        3. vague

4. emphatic        5. cautious

Ang mga magbubukid ay NABIHASA sa paggamit ng kalabaw bilang katulong nila sa pagsasaka.

1. nagsawa        2. nagtiwala        3. nasanay

4. natuto        5. nahirapan

Pilo’s insensitivity has created ANIMOSITY to the worker’s demands.

        1. distrust        2. hostility        3. fear

        4. distance        5. dependence

The baffled owner ACQUIESCED to the worker’s demands.

        1. opposed        2. reacted        3. agreed

        4. resisted        5. listened

The recommendation of the wage council is REPUGNANT to the employers.

        1. acceptable        2. objectionable        3. beneficial

        4. degrading        5. embarrassing

Sanctuaries for wildlife have DWINDLED alarmingly in the last decade.

        1. disappeared        2. changed        3. decreased

        4. multiplied        5. deteriorated

Recklessness always entails JEOPARDY.

    1. danger        2. crisis            3. apprehension

    4. control        5. aggression

Business, like life, is much too extensive and LEQUESCENT to be wholly contained by any checklist, formula or theory.

1. structured        2. changeable        3. complicated

4. shapeless        5. confusing

Directions: In each of the following sentences is a blank space indicating that a word or group of words has been omitted. From among the suggested answers choose the word or groups of words that best conveys the concept or meaning of the sentence as a whole. On your Answer Sheet, shade completely the box that corresponds to your answer.

Realizing that we were determined to go, our experienced friends __________ that there might be more difficulties along the way than we expect.

1. dismissed        2. intimated        3. insisted

4. projected        5. concluded

Ang patuloy na pag-angkat ng mga produktong banyaga, na siya naming tinatangkilik ng mga mamamayan, ang dahilan ng __________ ng mga industriyang local.

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