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I woke up, to my alarm clock blaring "heat of the moment" by Asia, and pressed the stop button.

Sitting up in bed I got up and went to get a shower, grabbed a lavender towel, and hopped into the, what I thought was hot water and screaming momentarily seeing as it was ice cold.

In the shower I washed my hair, and everything else. I hopped out dried myself and put on a robe while I exfuliated my face and chose my clothes for the day.

After I finished my skin routine I got dressed, and had black stockings underneath.

I then curled my short hair, and went downstairs with my messanger bag, I looked for dad and found him sitting at the dining table

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I then curled my short hair, and went downstairs with my messanger bag, I looked for dad and found him sitting at the dining table.

"Hey Clover, I'm using the car today so you can take your board, or I can drop you off." Dad offered as he drank his black coffee.

"No it's fine, I'll just take my board." I stated, as I put hazel, caffeinated coffee with french vanilla creamer into a disposable cup. I went back upstairs grabbed my plain black, cruiser board and started my way to school.

Around halfway to the school it started to down pore rain. All of a sudden I saw something pulling up next to me, the white Jeep that the Cullen's owned.

"Hey shortie, get in." Emmet stated as he rolled down the window, and unlocked the back door.

Hopping in, I realized I was sat right next to Jasper who was next to Alice.

"Hey, Jasper." I mumbled out trying to not stare at his eyes, like I did all yesterday.

"Hello, are we still meeting after school?" Jasper questioned, looking out of the window, I was sat next to.

"Yea, my dad won't be home though he works till ten." I responded, which caused Emmet to look, at Jasper and wiggle his eyebrows suggestively.

"Be quiet Emmet, sounds wonderful Clove." Jasper spoke to both Emmet and I while Emmet laughed and went back to driving.

Once we arrived at the school I hopped out and grabbed my cruiser thanking Emmet for the ride.

"Do you need a ride, back home later?" Alice asked as she looked between Emmet and I.

"No, the rain will probably have stopped by then so I should be fine, I got my cruiser." I answered as I raised my board.

"Nonsense, anyways Jasper's going to your house so might aswell." Alice stated as Jasper just looked down, embarrassed by his sisters actions.

"Okay then, I guess I'll see you all at lunch?" I asked, looking between them all.

"Definitely." Danny answered, his arm slung around Alice's tiny frame.

After that Jasper and I walked in to first period together, sitting in the back like yesterday.

"I'm sorry about Alice, she can be a little pushy sometimes." He apologized still looking embarrassed.

"Don't worry about it, I like her." I exclaimed as the second bell rang, announcing whoever wasn't in the room by now was late.

"She likes you too, and so do I." He stated as he looked into my blue eyes.

"You have beautiful eyes, ma'am." He continued, staring directly into them.

"Thank you, I swear you make me blush so much." I stated looking down in my lap.

"I thought I said no hiding, and is there a reason I'm the one that makes you blush?" He teased, pulling my chin up once again, so we made eye contact.

"I guess you just have an effect on me." I stated, while shamelessly trying to flirt back.

"Good to know darlin." He responded, his accent, once again killing me.

"I swear your accent itself makes me blush." I admitted, embarrassed that I just spit that out.

"Oh really, I didn't know you liked it that much." He stated emphasizing the southern accent in certain parts.

"Okay, now you're just doing it to mess with me." I responded, calling him out.

"You won't ever live that down ma'am." He spoke, smiling down at me from the height difference.

"Hurray." I exclaimed, with so much sarcasm it could kill.

"Mrs Robertson and Mr Hale I don't recall this being a partner activity." Mr. M called out from the front, making both Jasper and I chuckle while shutting up.

After a good 30 minutes, Jasper and I both finished and turned in the assignment, with him helping me every so often.

Right after we both got back to our seats, the bell rang.

"So I'll see you during third?" Jasper asked, walking out of the room with me.

"Yeah, hopefully I'll remember where the room is." I stated, chuckling at how late I was yesterday.

"I'm looking forward to it, and don't get lost." He responded walking to his next class with a shit eating grin on his face, for teasing me.

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