breaking rules

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"el, it's just too dangerous." hopper sighed, his hands running through his hair.

his thirteen year old daughter was once again fighting to go to school with mike.

although hopper knew she wanted to earn an education at school, he was positive the main reason she wanted to attend was to see mike.

"please! it's his first day of high school tomorrow!" she tugged at her dad's sleeve.
"i just want to protect him.." she murmured, trying to mute her comment.

hopper frowned as he looked down at the pleading girl who desperately wanted to see her boyfriend.

as much as he wanted to release her into the world and have her feel like a normal teenager, the consequences were too severe.

after losing sarah, he couldn't risk losing el,
especially to the bad men.

el harshly ripped her hand off of hopper's sleeve as she groaned and walked into her bedroom.

he let out a heavy sigh as he heard the wooden door loudly slam.

after an hour, el still hadn't left her room.
hopper glanced back towards her bedroom door, he rubbed his forehead as he opened the front door.

"i have to go to work, okay kid?" he hollered, as he trudged out of the doorway.
"okay." she softly murmured, melancholy hinted in her voice.

she heard the door close as she grabbed a blindfold that sat on her bedside table.
she wrapped the piece of fabric around her head and then tied it.

she proceeded to look into the void, blood starting to slightly trickle out of her nose.

she smiled as she saw mike sitting in el's fort, trying to contact her.

even after el's infamous return, mike still called her every night.
he was just making sure she was safe, being the overprotective boyfriend he was.

"hey, el!" he chirped.
el smiled as she heard his voice.

"its my first day of high school tomorrow.. and im actually really nervous." he chuckled, although the look on his face showed that he was fearful.

"i-i dont know... i guess i just wish you could be there with me, but i know i have to keep you safe." he reassured the girl.

"i have to go to bed.. its 10:37. goodnight, el." he pushed the antenna down as he walked up the stairs of the wheeler house.

as el snatched the blindfold off her head and set it on the ground, she knew that somehow, she would be with mike the next day.

even if hopper objected the idea, el was going to go.
with or without his consent.

as the next morning rolled around, el picked at the eggos that sat in front of her and hopper at the table.

hopper clapped his hands together and knitted his eyebrows together as he examined el's plate, that still had half of her waffle on it.

she would've commonly devoured the dish in under a minute.
but this morning, leftovers remained on the plate.

as he was about to ask el about the situation, he realized she was likely still upset that she wasn't able to go to school.

hopper reached his hand across the table to grab el's.
she reluctantly took it, but still didn't make eye contact with him.

he sighed, "it's for the best kid. i promise you'll always be able to see him outside of school."
el slowly nodded, but it was obvious she was still agitated.

hopper left for work a few minutes after the sentimental moment.

as soon as she saw his car pull out, a smirk was visible on her face.

she already was wearing what she assumed teenagers wore to school.
based off of the tv shows she saw, people always wore a backpack and put their food items into brown paper bags.

she used a bag she found in the back of hopper's closet, and grabbed a bag from the pantry.

this will be fun.

el's feet led her to the direction of the high school.
she received the location from a middle-aged man named murray, who seemed kind enough.

she smiled as she saw mike's familiar bike in one of the numerous bike racks.
she gripped one of the handles, millions of memories coming back to her.

she snapped out of her everlasting thoughts and looked up at the stone building.
she calmed herself down by taking a breath, and then entered the building.

as she opened the steel double doors, students roamed around the loud, crowded hallways.
she stood on her tip-toes, hoping she could find mike in the swarm.

she felt hopeless as she was unable to spot him, but decided to check another hallway.

just as she turned the corner, she bumped into one of the students.

she slightly yelped as she tumbled backwards onto the floor.
she noticed the person had also fallen along with their textbooks.

feeling guilty, el immediately started apologizing and collecting the school supplies.

"el?" she heard mike's excited voice.
she looked up to she him, smiling wide just because of her presence.

"mike!" she exclaimed as she dropped the textbooks she previously held, and threw her arms around mike's neck.

surprised, mike lightly chuckled as he wrapped his arms around her small waist.

"i-i didn't think you'd be here!" he grabbed her hand and gently pulled her up from the ground.

mike hovered over her, now that he was a couple inches taller.
"me either." she intertwined their hands together as she mumbled the words into mikes sweater, her head lying on his chest.

he wasn't aware that showing up was a dangerous task for her to accomplish, but he didn't need to.

the two smitten teenagers stood in the middle of the hallway, smiling like dorks.

their moment was interjected by the sound of the bell, which caused el to jump.
mike grabbed her hand and squeezed it, informing her that everything was okay.

"it's my lunch period now, do you want to come?" he offered, slightly blushing.
she nodded, and grabbed mike's hand as he led her to the cafeteria.

hey!! im getting a cold right now and i feel like dying so that's great 😎😎
my updates might be less frequent for the next two months because of school ending, but once summer starts i'll be updating like crazy.
hope you enjoyed!

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