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December ran into the room where Loki was contained right after Thor.

Emphasis on was. 

Thor had seen the door slide up and ran straight at it, only to go through him. Loki's illusion then reappeared beside the control panel, he closed the door, locking Thor inside.

Loki stood straight back ram rod straight, as he taunted Thor, "are you ever not going to fall for that?" December stood frozen not sure what to do, as Loki glanced at her giving her a hidden smirk. Her mind raced at seeing the two brothers so near each other. This was nothing like the games they used to play as children.

December stepped forward, "Loki..."

"Yes witch?"

She frowned at him, "please... stop this."

Loki chuckled, "and who are you to tell me what to do?"

Thor glared at her to do something, but she couldn't— This... this wasn't Loki. But she was too scared to do anything.

Scared of what she didn't know. But she could feel something in the air, something horrible. A presence that brought back bad memories, it was on the tip of her tongue, yet she could not remember.

Thor hit the cage with his hammer, the glass of the cage cracked, but it caused the cage to be dropped a peg.

Everyone in the room was breathing heavily, though Loki was the only one who showed a sliver of happiness at the situation. The other soldier in black, stood behind December, an unspoken promise that if she tried anything he would shoot her.

Loki laughed The humans think us immortal. Shall we test that?" He asked as he moved to open the chute beneath cell, dropping Thor to, what for any regular person, would be certain death. Coulson suddenly appeared knocking out the soldier in black on his way forward.

Agent Coulson was wielding a large prototype Phase Two weapon, "move away please."

Loki stepped back from the panel, as Phil took a few steps forward. Coulson gestured to the gun. "Do you like this? We started working on the prototype after you sent the Destroyer."

December whispered, "don't be a hero Coulson." Everyone heard her, but she was ignored, only Loki's eyes straying over to her standing figure. He still couldn't recognize here.

Phil continued, "Even I don't know what it does. Do you wanna find out?"

Coulson prepared to fire the weapon when Loki suddenly disappeared, reappearing behind him and thrusting the point of his spear through Coulson's chest. 

"No!" Thor yelled slamming his fist into the glass.

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