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Fury sits up, groaning with the help of December. The director calls into his earpiece, "Hill!"

Beside him December is checking herself over making sure she doesn't have any scrapes, she rans a hand over her stomach, she feels something wet and sticky. Pulling her hand up to her face she frowns at the golden liquid, she gently takes off her bloody swing coat revealing an ordinary black t-shirt. On the bottom of her palm from the middle of the pinkie to a little past her elbow was a long strip of burns on both arms along with sword scars.

She sees Nick Fury observing her and turns away from him, placing her hand back over she pulls out the shard of glass and slowly heals the wound her hands and eyes lighting up with a pale blue light. Slowly it heals. She fixes the shirt with magic and quickly puts her swing coat back on.

Maria Hill answers Fury through the comms, "engine three is down."

December blinks as her mind flashes in to the body of Maria Hill and for a second watches as the woman rushes around to see how bad the damage is before being thrown back into her own body.

Hill continues into the earpiece, "Somebody's gotta get outside and patch that engine."

Nick Fury calls to Tony, "Stark, you copy that?"

"I'm on it."

The director then directs his attention to Coulson, "Coulson, initiate defensive lock down in the contingent centre. Then get to the armoury." He starts to get up and Perci follows him, he calls out to Romanoff next.

"We're okay." Romanoff says sounding in pain, December frowned but didn't say anything as the Director continued to rush to the command centre.

December hurriedly follows after Fury as he enters the bridge, yelling, "bring the carrier to a one-eight-zero south. Take us to the water."

A SHIELD agent responds, "we're blind. Navigation re calibrated after the engine failure."

Fury glares at him, "is the sun coming up?"

"Yes, sir."

"Then put us on the left. Get us over water. One more turbine goes down then we drop."

-----<> Focus on Tony and Steve <>-----

Steve ha finally gotten to the damaged engine passing several mechanics, "Stark! Stark, I'm here!"

Suddenly Tony flies in, in full Iron Man armour, "good. Let's see what we got."He begins to examine the engine, his suit scanning through the different levels of machinery. Tony mumbles to himself before yelling to Steve, "I need you to get to that engine control panel and tell me which relays are in overload position."

Rogers jumps and swings himself over to the control panel and opens it up while Tony Stark pulls some pieces out off the way, flying in and starts to work on the engine.

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