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The sound of December's heals echoed through the hallway which she walked through at a fast pace, click clack click clack.

The others were preoccupied, this was her chance to talk to him, who was fury to think he had the right to order her not to talk to the 'prisoner?' Click clack click clack.

She stopped in front of a locked high security door, placing a hand on the security for it, she took a deep breath as frost started to appear where her hands touched. Slowly freezing the security, she sighed satisfied as the doors unlocked, her breath was visible in the cold air around her. She walked in to the room that had a glass cage hiding herself from outsiders eyes, only Loki would be able to see her, click clack click clack.

The click clacking of her shoes finally went silent as the platinum blonde haired woman stopped in front of the glass, she stared at the man who faced away from her.

He turned and smirked at her, "well hello."

December silently stared at him, looking for the boy she knew as a child. "Wise isn't clever." Her heart as she could not recognize the boy, there was no recognition in his eyes.

Loki smiled sarcastically, "well aren't you a little ray of pitch black."

Her mind grabbed onto a memory, pulling her into it.

"Well aren't you a little ray of pitch black." Little December looked up from the large snowflake she was making, in front of her stood a young mischievous boy.

She frowned at him, "leave me alone Loki, I'm trying to concentrate."

He slid down the wall sitting beside her and stretching his legs out, "but I'm bored Dec!"

"Go read a book then!"

He grumbled  under his breath, "Thor and his fan club are in the library and won't leave me alone."

She shook her head at him amused, "well the doesn't have anything to do with me does it?" She went back to concentrating on creating the designs, suddenly Loki poked it causing it to fall apart. "Loki!"

"Please December!"

She glared at him before shaking head and quickly getting up and pulling him up with her, "fine! Let's go find Queen Frigga and ask her teach us some more magic!"

The two raced through the halls of the Asgardian palace toward the gardens, their laughter echoing. Things were so simple then. Everything seemed so perfect.

December shook her head of the memory, and Loki looked at her oddly. She smiled at him cryptically hiding her hurting heart, "I try."

"Why are you here?" Loki asked beginning to slowly pace back and forth. "you do not fit in with them."

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