A Silent Guardian [Killer x Reader]

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Eustass 'Captain' Kid stood a meter away from you, his angry eyes glaring at you with murder intent. The moment his body started moving closer, you stepped back, mentally preparing yourself for the beating.

It's not like you couldn't fight back but, knowing Kid, you'd probably end up dead, and you'd much rather just have a few broken bones.

He was already raising his fist when a very unhappy Killer stepped between the two of you. The redhead froze momentarily, his eyes now questioning the actions of his first mate.

"Captain, that's enough." His deep voice echoed in the silent room.

His words only infuriated an already pissed off Kid.

"Are you telling me what to do now, Killer?" His menacing tone didn't face the blond assassin at all, the man already trained in avoiding Kid's bad side even in the worst case scenarios.

"I am not, but a dead sniper is of no use."

Kid lifted his chin slightly, his amber orbs observing your protector long and hard before letting out a displeased grunt.

"You are lucky you are useful." He had barked in your direction before storming out of the kitchen slamming the door shut.

You flinched at the sound and, when it was clear that your captain wasn't coming back, slumped into the nearest chair, defeated.

That's what happened when you tried to reason with Eustass 'Captain' Kid. You got bit in the ass and beaten to death if there was no-one to stop it. You glanced at Killer.

"Why would you risk getting beaten for me?" Yo had wondered.

The assassin took the chair that was in front of yours and sat down backwards, resting his arms lazily on the backrest.

"I know how to get my way with him." He shrugged as if it was nothing.

"Still, you could have got in trouble for no reason."

"Who says I don't have a reason?"

"What is it then?"

He paused for a second, and you wished you could see the expression that he hid behind that mask. "You."

His words resonated in your head like music, and he used your silence as an opportunity to finish the risky conversation. Before you could even open your mouth, he rose to his feet and left the room.

'Thank you!', you had exclaimed before the door closed behind him.

Leaning forward, you covered your face with your hands in exasperation. You hadn't slept in the last 24 hours, and Kid was making you do that day's guard shifts too.

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