A Change Of Fate

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I entered the arena and saw Aaron glaring at me. It was the final training course that would decide whether me or Aaron got to kill the dragon. Me and Aaron had the highest scores in training so it was one of us that would win. "You better stay out of my way, I'm winning this thing!" Aaron told me as we stood together and waited for the dragon to be released. I simply rolled my eyes. A small crowd of people stood around the arena and watched. Honeysuckle, the Gronckle, was let out of her cage and flew around the arena growling as the people cheered. There were small wooden walls placed around the arena for us to duck down and hide behind. I held my shield and axe as I ducked behind a wooden wall and listened to the angry Gronckle.

Honeysuckle flew over the walls towards me. Aaron followed her, jumping over the walls in his way as he yelled. Suddenly Aaron started banging his axe against his shield. Honeysuckle hovered about wobbly and Aaron got closer, still creating the sharp sound. I was about to interfere when my dragon side was effected by the sound and I started feeling dizzy. My vision went blurry and I stumbled about blindly. I noticed Aaron grinned, as if he knew this would happen. He walked past me and stuck out his foot which I tripped over. I lay on the ground still quite dizzy, but the noise had stopped. I turned around just in time to see Aaron hit the Gronckle's head with his axe. Honeysuckle fell to the ground and groaned. The small crowd cheered. "No!" I yelled. "Quite down! I have decided!" The chief called as he came and stood next to us. The chief placed a hand on his son's shoulder with a grin. The crowd cheered loudly and the chief praised his son, "you've done it, Aaron! You get to kill the dragon!" The chief danced around happily then moved aside as the Liam, Lily, Noah and Zac crowed around him.

I exited the arena with Aaron. "Told you I would win!" Aaron grinned. "Oh, shush you muttonhead!" I growled at him. "Liked that nice sharp sound, didn't you?" Aaron asked as he glanced at me. "How did you know?" I questioned. "I haven't got the slightest idea of what you're referring to" Aaron told me. "Don't play dumb with me! You're so naturally dumb that I can tell when you're faking it" I told him. Aaron gulped. "On the first day of dragon training, when we made the noise to throw off the dragon's aim, I noticed you were effected by the noise" Aaron grinned. "You cheated!" I hissed at him. "I did absolutely nothing wrong!" Aaron protested. I growled at him then stormed off in the opposite direction. But I could hear Aaron laughing as I left. April found me and we walked back to the village together. "Well done" April said. "For what? I lost" I groaned. "But you tried..." April pointed out. "I never wanted to kill that dragon, I don't think it's right..." I sighed. April smiled sadly and nodded. We reached the village and went our separate ways.

"You lost!" My stepfather informed me as I sat down at the table for dinner. "Thank you for reminding me of that fact!" I muttered sarcastically. "How did you lose?!" My stepfather asked in an angry voice. "I simply... I don't know! The noise startled me then Aaron tripped me up!" I quickly told him in an agitated manner. "You tripped over him!" My stepfather corrected me. "Whatever you say..." I muttered. "Let's all stop this nonsense and have a nice dinner as a family!" My mother snapped at both of us. Me and stepfather nodded and we all continued eating our food. "So are you going to come and watch Aaron kill his first dragon?" Mother asked. "I definitely will, it's always a treat to watch a young Viking kill their first beast!" My stepfather said with a laugh. "I guess so..." I told them. "Come along Destiny, you may learn a thing or two from it" mother said as she gathered the plates and walked into the kitchen. I groaned in response.

I landed in the misty forest in Mistdell after a long flight of trying to find Autumn. I looked up and saw the group of dragons coming back to take some food from my village. I decided I would help keep peace once more and hopefully this time I wouldn't get caught. I shifted into a Changewing, which meant I had the ability to change the colour and texture of my scales to match my surroundings. I was now a large red dragon with yellow eyes. I had two horns on the top of my head and a small horn on the top of my snout. I had a row of sharp spines run down my neck to my tail.

I flew through the air on my large red wings and dived down towards the village. I changed my scales to full camouflage, meaning I was now invisible. I let out a stream of bright green acid at the chief, who was holding an axe at a Gronckle. This acid can burn through most, if not all, materials in seconds. The chief screamed, then he wiped the acid off of what was left of his axe. I landed on the ground and crawled up the wall of a hut
whilst making my scales blend into the wooden colour. I ripped a net off a Deadly Nadder and leapt back into the air. I spotted my stepfather, who was about to be eaten by a Thunderdrum. I dived down and poured acid at the blue Thunderdrum who quickly flew away. Then I turned and flew back into the air to save as many lives as possible.

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