Chapter 14: Secret Admirer

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Danielle's POV:

I can't wait to go to school today because of the new Brier. Me, Shine, Xaria and Brier are going shopping because we are going to enchance Brier.

Shine pick out all her dress, Xaria did her make up and hair while I boost her self confidence

With the help of Xaria, Shine, and Myself we made Brier a new person but of course her nerd look is also beautiful so we only adjust her outfit and confident.

Everybody must see the new Brier and hell to her mate who rejected her, he will be begging on his for her and he will realise that he was stupid for rejecting her.

I still kept thinking about how Ranz looked at Brier I mean I know it was just a stare but there is something on that stare that I can't explain but I will find out soon.

As we arrive, eyes are on us, well more on Brier, everybody was shock well even the Black Winter, Brier met the Black Wintet yesterday when we convince her to have a sleep over with us.

As we approach Sky and the other I can that Sky is staring at me and I could help it but blushed because flashback of our first kiss.... it was just..... amazing

We went to our usually meeting place and of course the voice that wished would died so I would never hear but then not my luck " Look! who's trying to fit in" Gwen said as she approach us.

Geez! My blood is boiling at this very moment " Oh! Look someone is still a bitch!" I said. The pack kinda gasped but some laugh and I can see and feel that her blood is now boiling.

I thought she would just leave us alone I mean Sky and Ranz have an agreement. Well some bitch can't understand some simple word and instruction.

She didn't say anything but she just did a dramatic exit which I might add totally sucked. Just then the school bell rang! classes starts now!

Mystery's POV:

As Danielle, Shine and girl I never saw arrive all heads and eyes are on them including me, you wanna know why, its because of my mate, Brier she is so different, she is so beautiful and I can't barely take my eyes out of her.

I mean she was breathtaking and of course I can't express my feelings. I've always LOVED her eversince my eyes laid on her and I hoped and pray to the moon goddess that she is my mate and it came true.

Even though people called her nerd I don't care she's my mate and I'll do anything to have her back. The moment I smell some intoxicating smell I knew it was my mate and I can't believe that it was Brier.

I told my beta, third and three best warrior oh yeah didn't I tell you I'm a soon to be alpha and Brier is my soon to be luna but sadly for some reason I didn't how my father find out. My father is the reason why I'd reject her

My Heart was shattered into pieces I love her so much that I can't loose her so I did the worst thing a werewolf could ever do, REJECT his/her mate.

I promise myself as soon as I'm crowned alpha I will get her back and hopefully I'm not late.

I just have to wait a couple of weeks or maybe months and then I will fight for my mate, my luna, my everything.

Now she was beautiful and I can see men aren trying to lay their eyes on her but I won't let that happen. I can still remember the reason why I loved her, Her Sea Green eyes that hides from those nerd glasses and the way she smile.....

I'd love her inside and out and I maybe have the badboy look but the truth I'm a gentlemen, I don't flirt with girl, they flirt with me and I don't like those kind of girls. I don't love girl because of what they wear or if they are good in bed, I love girl because they respect themselves and Brier is like that.

People say that I already slept with thousands of girl but hell no! Not a single girl who flirts with me, from my pack or not I would only share my first time with my mate.

I love everything about her especially her smile that makes knees weaken it was love at first sight from me at first they thought I'm just joking but no! I'm serious I'm totally inlove with a nerd.

Plus she is too beautiful to be a nerd and I don'y care if she's a nerd I'm lucky to have her as my mate and I would never ever love someone. My heart belongs to her, only her.

As she sits down on the Black Winter's Table I really can't help it but get jealous I mean she laughing and I'm not the one who's making her laugh.

I just wanna be there for her and I wanna right next to her. I wanna be the one who will make her laugh.

I wanna be the one who love her and I wanna be the one whom she would love for the rest of her life.


Author's Note:

SORRY!!!! It's kinda short!

Awww! who do you think is BRIER'S MATE and why do you think he rejected her???

Pls!!! Read and Enjoy!!

Millions of thanks guys!!! I love you so much!! :)

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