2. Houses

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Your POV:


My face lit up like a Christmas tree as I went to sit with my fellow house mates. I immediately notice Aife, Cain and Agnidev sitting next to me. 

"Hey, guys." I say and they all smile at me. "Hello there." A boy next to me says. He has short brown hair, warm brown eyes and a smile that would make other girls faint. 

"Hey... I'm (y/n)!" I introduce myself, outstretching my hand. 

"Ewan." He says, shaking my hand. "Ewan McLeod." "Nice to meet you!" I say, pulling back my hand. 

"Likewise." "Stop it, Ewan. You're scaring the poor girl!" Another boy exclaims. He has long brown hair and also has brown eyes. He smiles at me and outstretches his hand.

"I'm Liam. Ewan's older brother." I shake his hand. 

"Which year are you guys in?" "4th" Liam said. 

"2nd." Ewan then said. "Awesome!" "Let the feast begin." Dumbledore exclaims and food appears in front of us. I gasp in surprise and the McLeod brothers chuckled.

"Never seen that before, have you?" Liam asked and I shake my head still in shock. 

"Wait, you're a muggleborn?" A boy asks. The boy had long, wavy black hair and brown eyes. He looked like he was 16 or so. I shrug. 

"Don't know, my mother died when she gave birth to me and my dad died before I was born so..?" I say, unsure how to answer. 

"Ew..." The boy said as his friends laugh. I glare at them and his friends they immediately shut up. 

"Sorry..." One of the other boys said. I shrug and take some food.

When we're all done with eating Dumbledore said that the Prefects had to escort us to the dorms. A raven haired boy stands up and starts to yell that the first years have to follow. All the first years stand up and we walk to the Slytherin common room. Before I leave Fed, George and Lee wave at me so I wave back before leaving the great hall. I gasped as we entered the common room.(pic above) 

"Girls dorms are on the left and the list with names are on the doors. Same for the boys, but you go to the right!" The prefect says. I walk to the hall and turn left. I start to search for my name and after some looking I found it. I was in the last dorm in the hall with Aife, Agnidev and someone called Amara. Fun! I opened the door to see very pretty girl, probably Amara, sitting on one of the beds. She had silver white hair that was in a high ponytail. As the door opened she immediately jumped up. 

"Hello, I'm Amara." The girl said and I notice she had stunning blue eyes. I smile. 

"(y/n), nice to meet you!" Just as that sentence the door opened and Aife and Agnidev stepped inside.

"Hi! I'm Agnidev and this is my sister Aife." Agnidev said excitedly. Amara smiles and waves. 

"I'm Amara..." "Cool name." Aife said as she jumped on one of the beds, yelling dibs. Agnidev takes the bed next to her sister and I take the one next to the white haired girl. Our stuff was already here so I decided to unpack a little. The others started to unpack too and soon enough all of us were unpacked. Aife was putting some books away while her sister was hanging green and white lights on her bed. Amara on the other hand was just staring ahead of her. 

"Amara? You okay?" She seemed to snap out of her trance and shakes her head. 

"I'm thinking about my brother... He got sorted in Gryffindor and now we're practically enemies..." "Wait, what?" I ask, genuinely confused. 

"Gryffindor and Slytherin are the biggest enemies, didn't you know?" Aife says and I shake my head. 

"I'm sure you're brother won't hate you or something like that. You're still family." I say, putting my hand on Amara's shoulder. She smiles and thanks me. 

"We should go to sleep." I said and everyone agreed. 

I awoke by something licking my face. I open my eyes to see 2 yellow eyes. I scream and try to get away from the thing only for me to fall of the bed. 

"Ow..." I rub my head. I then look back to my bed to see a big, green snake looking at me. 

"Slither!" A voice cries out and the person picks up the snake. 

"Seriously, Aife! Keep Amara's pet under control!" Another voice yells. I rub my eyes and stand up. Aife and Agnidev are arguing while Amara is still asleep. 

"What time is it?" "7:30." Agnidev answers my question. I nod and sit on my bed. 

"Don't we have to be at breakfast now..?" I ask and they nod. 

"I'll wake up Amara then..." I mumble, getting up and walking to Amara's bed. I gently shake her. Nothing. I shake her a little harder. Again, nothing... Then an idea pops into my head. I go into the bathroom, take a glass and fill it with water. I walk back to Amara's bed and pour the glass over her. She shoots up and her eyes snap open. 

"Seriously?!" "You wouldn't wake up, you're snake is lose by the way." I said, shrugging.

(This is Amara with her pet by the way)

I then walk to the bathroom again and brush my teeth

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I then walk to the bathroom again and brush my teeth. I then comb my hair and walk to my closet. I take out my uniform and groan. Why do we have to wear skirts?! I then take my tie and hang it around my neck, not tying it. We walk to the great hall, getting greeted by a few other Slytherins.

We walk into the great hall and sit down at our table. 

"So what do we have first?" Agnidev asks and I think. 

"First flying, then Astronomy, then Charms, then Defense Against the Dark Arts. After that we have lunch, then Herbology, then History of Magic, then Potions and as last Transfiguration... I think." I say. 

"With who?" Cain asks, sitting down next to me. I shrug and take a bite of my pancakes. 

"I guess we'll see." Aife said and I nod in agreement. 

"Ready?" Cain asked and we all nod. 

"Let's go then!" He yells and I laugh at his silly behavior.

We were all standing next to our brooms as Madame Hooch explains everything. I look in front of me to see one of the Weasley twins. 

"Fred or George?" I mouth and he mouths Fred back. I wave and laugh as he makes a silly face, making Madame Hooch look at us. 

"Sorry..." I mumble. As she turns around again I glare at him. 

"Okay, hold your above your broom and yell up. I'll continue if everyone has their broom in their hand." Madame Hooch said and everyone starts to say up. The brooms of the twins and the triplets immediately shoot up into their hand. I sigh and put my hand above the broom, but before I could even think the word up the broom is already in my hand. My eyes widen and I look to Aife, who is standing next to me, for some kind of explanation. She shrugs and mouths 'ask Hooch'. I look at Madame Hooch, but she is already looking at me with shock written all over her face. 

"Good job everyone..." She mumbles, recovering from her trance.

'What just happend?'

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