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I ended up unblocking Yoongi on snap. He clearly noticed this and began to snap me instantly.

You unblocked me? Finally! Jesus I didn't cheat on you!

Prove that you hadn't done it because what I saw was proof enough!

Did you see the dates? Jesus! And how I haven't opened so many of her snaps! She is a hoe Haru! I'm not into that! I started dating you for you! I liked how pure you were! And the night we spent together was the best night of my life...

O☹️ Baby! I'm sorry I doubted you!

Don't worry about it. I'm just glad to finally reach you.

But what will I do about Jin and his growing feelings for me? I told him to wait for me...

Should I leave Jin...?

Or should I leave Yoongi..? My first love...

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