Ch. 18 WildRose

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Grimmjow and Ichigo meet in the battlefield, Ulquiorra, Horihime, Nel and I just stood aside to watch. My heart couldn't bare to watch him die, my eyes overflow with tears. I felt stupid crying. My tears are useless, no power. It only reveals weakness and it leaves my body cold. Horihime try to comfort me but I decline her hug. There was no point of me showing up. I came here with a mission though I fail to get it done. I have time but I'm afraid to get rejected. Like he said it was a little too late for that. Where's WildRose? Why isn't she here to support Grimmjow?

I made her to love him for my place but she doesn't show up.

I went out to look for her, when I heard some conversation going on I hid behind a pillar. As I peek out a bot it was Aizen and WildRose.

Aizen: "Don't worry after Ichigo is through with him you won't have to hide our affair anymore"

WildRose: "OK Baby. me and you tonight"

I speak my mind at the wrong time,

"You dirty whore!"

WildRose: "Who said that?"

I began running for my life like there was no tomorrow. WildRose began shooting ceros at me, I made it to the battlefield where everyone was and before I was close to stop them  but one of the ceros struck near me and I launch to the sky. I fell to the ground really hard, I didn't care about the pain I continue to crawl towards him though I felt someone's foot lay over my head. It crush me against the sand.

WildRose: "What were you planning to do? Tell Grimmjow my affair I had.   *Laughs*  I'm going to end your pity life"

You: "Never!!! *you throw sand to her face*"

I escape to find Grimmjow in there last minutes of the fight where Ichigo tries to make Grimmjow give up. When I saw Nnorita about to throw his blade I tackle him down, he then kick me off him. Nnorita was pissed off and as I try to run he threw his blade at me. It pin me against a tall building by the neck. I hang on helplessly. Nnorita was coming at my way.

Nnorita: "You stupid little girl. You can't change what was already written in ink"

The blade sting against my throat, right when he was going to decapitate me Nel transform and attack Nnorita.

Nel: "I won't let you get in the way of Love"

I slip away and limp towards Grimmjow and Ichigo. I force myself to move faster when Grimmjow got the upper hand and was about to kill Ichigo I got in the way. My yearning heart became the sheath to his blade, so this is the end. My blood squirted on Grimmjow's face oh how beautiful it compliment his eyes, he's just so beautiful to me. I collapse on the sand but I sat up and fell on my hands. I cough blood. I was weak.

Ichigo: "What's wrong with you? This girl risk her life and offer her home to you. Yet you stand there frozen, don't you at least care just a little bit?"

Before he could say something WildRose back stab him, and he fell down on his knees,

WildRose: "I'm going to enjoy watching you die slowly"

Grimmjow: "I'm not going to die with one meaningless stab"

WildRose: "You been beaten up badly and my blade injected in you a poison"

He try to stand up but seems he got paralyzed and he fell face first onto the ground. I wanted to pull him up and be the strength he needed but I too couldn't get up. WildRose drag me close to him and grab my face showing it to him.

WildRose: "Grimmjow see that face. I'm going to destroy it. She wouldn't die if you didn't love her, I'm going to kill her and make you suffer"

Grimmjow: "Let... her go"

The way I saw Grimmjow in that shape brought tear to my eyes, and I soon felt her fist go to my face. Ichigo and Horihime try to interfere yet she blew them off far away from us. Her punches ache against my skin, she kick my gut and stomp my head. I swear when I black out I saw my life past before my eyes, all my memories go back to when I first met Grimmjow. He was the only memory I wanted to remember. From when we first had our kiss to when we drift apart. I couldn't let someone stomp over me, I always let them take him away from me and I stood there actually giving him away for the taking. I woke up from my slumber. She thought I was dead but she was wrong. I took the same dagger she stab Grimmjow and stab her repeatedly without stopping. I cry out. I knew I lost my sanity and peace. The blood gush all over me, I just couldn't stop it's something I desire so long it seem like a forbidden lust I yearn. The blood was warm and comforting, it gloss my lips with a sweet taste. I felt the touch of someone, Ulquiorra gave me a sign that it was enough. When I gave him my stare I got a reaction out of him. My conscious kicked in, I realize I have taken a life with my own hands and stain myself in her blood. I was afraid. I couldn't control it, it was self defense some would say but I why do I feel weird. I killed what I created. I had to leave.

I limp away from everyone, I couldn't be seen the monster I become. I created a portal back home and jump through my room. I went to the restroom I wash off my hands, the blood went down the drain but as I lift my head to face myself in the mirror I couldn't recognize who that person I saw. The view was horrible I shader my mirror with my fist though it made my knuckles bleed. I hope in the hot shower, no matter how hard I scrub it would just not be good enough to come off. Like a tattoo or reminder of what I done.

to be continue......

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