Hospital visit

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It's been three weeks since Chara's poisoning. Doctor Gaster called few times to tell that she's getting better, but nothing more. Finally, just another normal day. Asriel was reading a book he had for home-schooling, Asgore was busy discussing the buildings in the capital and the core with the scientists and Toriel was cleaning the house. Suddenly a phone call sounded.

-I'll get it!-

Asriel said and went to answer. He picked the phone and moved it to his long ear.

-The Royal Family house.-

He exclaimed into the phone. 

-Ah, Prince Asriel...-

-Doctor Gaster? Oh! How is Chara? Is she getting better? Can we visit her?-

The young prince shouted. Toriel heard him from the other room.

-Is this Doctor Gaster? Are there any news?-

She asked worriedly. Asriel showed her the "uno momento" sign with fingers. Some long, silent moments passed as suddenly Asriel exhaled the loudest unholy screeching anybody ever heard in this house.

-YAY! Great! Thank you Dr. Gaster!-

Asriel rammed the phone on the table.

-Mom! Mom! We can go visit Chara today! Doctor Gaster said she will be coming home soon!-

He yelled, jumping around happily. Toriel almost cried out of happiness. Chara is going to be fine! Their Chara, their little girl is going to be fine! Now they could claim that everything is going to be all right from now on!


Asriel consumed his dinner in less than five minutes and ran to change clothes. He wanted to Surprise Chara, thus he didn't ask Dr. Gaster to teleport him and to have the best element of surprise possible. He put on a small bag which he filled with drawings for Chara. Toriel was waiting for him near the door when he finished getting ready. 

-Are you ready to go, my child?-

She asked. Asriel stormed outside the house as a confirmation. They quickly went from the house to Snowdin and caught the Riverperson.

-Tra-la-la. Do you...-

-We want to travel to the Capital please.-

Asriel interrupted and jumped onto the boat.


Asriel stood in front of Gaster's lab, knocking for already like five minutes. Finally the door opened.

-Oh hello young Prince, Queen Toriel, did you come to see the Princess?-

Gaster asked.

-Yes, yes, please!-

Asriel jumped around excitedly. Toriel put both paws on his shoulders.

-Yes, Doctor. We are here to visit Chara.-

She said calmly. 

-Sure, come in. I'll guide you.-

Gaster led the two Royal Family members to see Chara, who was sitting on the hospital bed and reading, and then left them to have a family meeting in private. Chara was pale and her usual blush on cheeks disappeared, so her face contained only the dark freckles.


Asriel screamed, running up to her and bracing her in a bear hug. Chara smiled slightly and hugged him back. Her arms were much weaker and thinner than three weeks. Actually, she looked like a skeleton now.

-Hi Asriel.-

She said quietly, a tear running down her cheek. Asriel felt it when the tear touched his fur.

-Chara? Did you miss me that much?  Hey, you are coming home soon, don't cry!-

He said, pulling away a bit. Chara's smile became wider as more tears streamed down her now thin cheeks.

-I'm so sorry Asriel... I'm so so sorry... I failed you, I failed everyone...-

She whispered, totally shocking Asriel. He confusedly looked over at Toriel, who was standing right behind them. She looked no less shocked than Asriel.

-Chara, dear... No, no, no! You haven't failed anyone! You are alive and recovering, everything's fine!- 

-No, not fine... I failed to free you... All of you...-


Asriel and Toriel leaned close to her at the same moment so she leaned back a bit.

-Chara, don't you dare to say that! We prayed for your recovery every day! Whom have you failed by surviving?!-

Asriel shook her shoulders slightly. Chara looked up at him with teary eyes and her lips began shaking slightly.

-I want you... To... B-be... Free...-

-Chara, stop worrying about this. Nobody wants to be free if you die for this. Don't you understand this?-

Toriel rose her chin with one finger. Chara looked at her with her full of tears ruby-red eyes before turning her head away. Asriel pulled her into a hug again.

-Hey, you're coming home soon! You still have to teach me to draw, remember?-

He asked softly. Chara smirked as she wiped her tears away. Yeah, Asriel had the mood. He always had it.

-Yeah... Of course I remember...-

-I have some for you here.-

Asriel put down his bag and pulled a bunch of drawings out of it. He mostly tried to draw the golden flowers Chara always described to him, himself, Chara and other monsters. He wasn't exactly good with portrets so, but the drawings brough a wide smile on Chara's face.

-When... Am I coming home?-

She asked.

-Next week.-

In a perfect timing, Gaster entered the room with these two wordss.


Asriel was happy. Chara just smiled a bit wider and her eyes appeared to finally bring back the shine it usually had.

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