meeting him

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Dirk's POV

I woke up around 4:13 (IM SO FUCKING CREATIVE :D), as usual. I couldn't sleep at all. Okay well I lied, I slept for like.....3 minutes okay? I walked to the bathroom and did the basic stuff you would do in the bathroom, unless you have some weird ass kinks. I finished and walked downstairs and saw Dave eating breakfast along with bro. "Sup' how'd you sleep?" Asked Dave. I just groaned. "Nice to know." He replied. "I'm going hurry up Dave." I mumbled. "Alright, alright, I'm coming." He pouts. We started to walk to school when I saw a really cute guy. Yes I'm gay, deal with it, but I saw a really cute guy and a smaller version of him...? Most likely his brother. I hear some of their conversation. He says shit like 'chap' or 'mate' and it's really fucking cute. I look over at Dave and see that he's staring at the smaller one. I smirk at him. "What?" He says his face flushed red. "You like him, don't you?" I say, still smirking. "N-no!" "Dude, you can't lie to me, prince of heart. I know when I see someone in love." I say, proving my point. "F-fine. I do. So what?" He says. "Well help me, help you, bro." I say shrugging. "What the fuck." Dave says simply. I groan, "I mean if you help me I'll help you, ya dumbass." "Oh." We both walked up to them and hi. I found out that the cute guys name is Jake English and the smaller one is his cousin John Egbert. He's super fucking cute. We eventually became friends. Dave and John easily became friends. I walked Jake to his class and Dave walked Egbert to his. The lucky thing was that me and Jake had the same classes, weird huh? Maybe it was fate. Or something like that.

And that's all for now!! Keep in check so I can finish some other stories! I love you all, toodles!

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