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LaVar asks many questions while I walk behind him.

LaVar questions me, he asked me "How tall are you."

I shyly answered "About 5'4"

we reached the end of the hall and LaVar asks like he's been waiting for a while "What do you do for a living?"

I say with no hesitation "I sing but I also love basketball."

LaVar yells "Melo you have a keeper!"

He walks out his room and asks confused "Dad what did you do to her?"

LaVar shakes his head at Melo as he walks down the stairs.

"Sing for me," said Melo as he jumps on his bed, he starts playing the "Bad by Wale Instrumental." I started singing

"I want something real this time. Baby boy please be mine. I can't read your thoughts but I can ease your mind. He doesn't know love, of course with my luck. Just give me a second, a minute, an hour to change to change your point of view on this love we can empower."

Melo's phone started to ring so I stopped singing, Melo answered the call and he said: "Keep singing."

I picked up where I left off

"I just wanna show you something real, I know you can't feel right now, but let me switch that for ya. Ima just fix that for ya. Them hoes ain't never cared for ya. Only all them bankrolls on ya."

I stopped singing and I hear two distinct voices coming from Melo's phone.

I realized that the voice that is taking is Zo.

He spoke, "Gelo do you hear that there is a girl in Melos room."

You hear Gelo make a large gasp and he started laughing.

Zo speaks up and says laughing "I have to come meet my new sister-in-law."

He hangs up and I looked at Melo, slightly giggled and said: "What have I got myself into."

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