Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

'Would you like to go on a date with me?'

I raise my right eyebrow and cross my arms. I scan his body and I notice his body is still uncomfortable and nervous. He really wanted a date with me? Where does he think this would get us in relationship status?

'A date? Like a date, date?' I ask holding back the scoff that begged to be released.

'Yeah. You and me. Just us, dinner tonight.' He nods as he speaks each word and he stares at me intently.

I sit for a moment and think. This wasn't a date to start dating, this was a pity date. I pitied him and I am not doing this in spite of him. I guess after the newly formed disagreements, some alone time to chill and talk would be nice. Plus, it would be great to get to know the actual Harry. 'If you promise, that you only bring me, and only me home. Then yes, Harry I will go on a date with you.' I speak as he smirks that knee-weakening smirk and I wait for a reply. 

'I promise.' He smirks lightly then lifts to a smile and he comes towards me to grab onto my hands.

I look down at them and notice his thumb rubbing against my knuckle. I look back to his face that was close enough for a kiss. I had to hold back, I couldn't kiss him. I bring my hands to his shoulder and I rub my thumb along it, feeling the end of his collar bone under my thumb skin. I step back before he could hold something else of me. He chuckles and he twirls on his heels to the kitchen. He takes a bottle of water from the fridge and looks at me while twisting off the cap.

'Take tonight as a celebration for your wonderful job offer?' he tilts his head taking a drink of the water. I hesitate for a moment watching his neck tense and relax as the water runs down his throat. My heart skips a beat while I try my hardest to hide the fact I'm attracted to him drinking water. I never knew a man could do so much harm to my heart while drinking water.

'Yeah, sure.' I smile as I walk over to him, sliding past him to get myself something from the fridge.

'You'll be ready by 6?' he looks at me and gives a slight smile and I nod in his response, smiling at him.


'I really hope you're ready Anna, I can't lie, I'm disappointed you took so long.' he teases while knocking on my door. I can hear him laugh behind the wood. I look over at the clock.


I was on time, what was his rush?

I shake my head giggling at his foolishness and I quickly lace up my heels. I stand and look at myself in the mirror. I rub my hair giving it a temporary textured lift and I turn to grab my bag and head for the door. Before I take the handle, I freeze. My nerves started to kick in and I had just realized, I'm looking my very best and Harry hasn't seen me yet. I wasn't sure why that had started the butterflies in my stomach but it had and all I wanted to do was turn around and lay in bed all night.

The nerves also told me to do very much that. There was something telling me I shouldn't go. I should stay. I had told him I wanted to go. I am all dressed up so I think I should, plus I didn't want him to cancel dinner reservations. I didn't want to end up hurting him, or feeling guilty. So, I turned the door handle.

I look up to Harry to watch his reaction. He freezes before he begins to speak and his mouth opens slightly. His eyes darting up and down my body. He smiles as he takes my waist into his hands. 'You look good. Really...fucking good Anna.' He smiles as he withdraws his hands and intertwines them to sit in front of his torso. He must have remembered I pushed him away before, but I didn't want him to stop this time.

'Oh....thank you, Harry.' after I look down at my body I scanned his. He looked good as well. Maybe even better than good. He had a clean dark blue buttoned down shirt that opened up to the beginning of his butterfly tattoo. His pants were hugging his legs and black shoes shone off his feet. A long brown coat wrapped around the back of his body. He really did look good, more than good.

'And you look handsome.' I smile looking at him. He smiled back and nodded his head to the right, gesturing me to move before him. I did so and walked my way out the door, lobby and to the car park.

That whole time was a space for me to think. To be set with my own mind. He thought I looked good? I get compliments every day from digital strangers and that always had cheered me up, but what he said felt so different. It made me smile in the silliest way and it made me feel so different. I couldn't explain that emotion, what I had felt in my stomach when he said it. It wasn't nerves, it wasn't fear, and it was different from what I have felt before.

I couldn't help but wonder what he had felt too. When I told him he was handsome. It was definitely not a false statement and neither was that the first time he had heard that. I'm sure he has been complimented before, by girls he had one night stands with. I'm sure he wasn't under any surprise when I said it, no shock or any happiness, I'm sure he has felt handsome all the time.

The drive to the restaurant was short and spent well. Small talk and songs filled the car. I didn't want to talk too much, I wanted to wait for dinner to have some proper conversations. Harry parks the car out the back of the building and he gently opens the car door for me. I laughed to myself quietly wondering how long this 'gentleman act' will last for tonight. 

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