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"Tyler.....please don't leave me.....I love you."

I was crying. The trees were crying. The whole world was crying.

I sat there, stilling holding Tyler's body in my arms.

I was sweating. My entire face was wet.

My hands were shaking and hot.

My chest hurt. It was almost like I was gonna die from a broken heart.

I placed Tyler gently on the ground and got up.

I sharpened my fists. And I screamed.

I screamed so loud, the whole world heard. I didn't care if anyone came to find out what happened. I just screamed.


I collapsed, finding myself right next to Tyler's body. My grieving couldn't bring him back.

Nothing could bring him back.

I pulled Tyler back into my arms. I wanted to cry more. Tyler was the only person I could cry onto. But, I can't.

He's dead, because someone wanted him dead.

He was shot right in front of me. My sweet husband was taken away from me.

I carried Tyler out of the forest. It was a good thing no one saw me carrying a corpse. People would of thought I was crazy. Or thought I was obsessed with the dead.

I placed my beloved husband onto the doorstep of his home. I thought no one would open to door to see their dead son or dead brother.

I kissed Tyler on the forehead, a small tear fell as I kissed him.

I realized it would be the last time I'd ever kiss him.

I immediately ran away and hid, hoping someone would find him. And that's when I saw his little brother come out from behind the door to see his dead brother.

I came out from hiding to reveal what happened.

"He was killed." I said. "Give him a proper burial, he deserves that."

I walked away and disappeared before his little brother's eyes. The other thing I could watch was him looking down onto Tyler, as if he knew it was going to happen to him.

I felt hate. Emotional, physical hate.

I ran back into the forest and exploded.

I let out every inch of hate on everything in the place where he called home.

I broke the keyboard and smashed the ukulele.

I tore down all the decorative branches I made for the anniversary.

As everything laid around me, I fell down, sobbing.

Jenna arrived for the anniversary, but stopped when she saw that everything was tore down.
She ran to my side.

"Josh!?" She cried. "What happened?"

I was so messed up, I just said the truth about my true love.


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