untold memories

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The roses have wilted
The violets are dead
The demons run circles
Round and round my head

Beep beep beep.. That was the sound of my annoying alarm trying its best to get me out of my comfort zone. The snooze button seemed so tempting .. I could have sworn I heard it whisper urging me in the sweetest way to press it. "Nice try," I said in my not so sweet voice to my alarm. And to think I actually get mad when people call me crazy.
First day of school. Kill me. Finally I was in my senior year though. I just couldn't wait to get out of that perfected version of jail they call a school. I took a quick shower and went and stood in front of my closet in my towel.. With a hand on my chin, you'd actually think I was thinking too hard when actually all my clothes looked more or less like the other. After a whole five mins of wasting time.. I chose my black ripped skinny jeans , a top written "look at me, do I look like I care" and paired them with my vans.. After a applying mascara and some eyeliner I grabbed my jacket and raced downstairs. Where I joined Iris Kruger Quinn.. Yes, my twin brother for breakfast. We were almost the same except that he had grey eyes and that he was joyful and sweet and had all those virtues i didn't and I had sky blue eyes with a little shade of grey.. Apart from that.. We both had brown hair, kind off tanned skin." Sooo .. Alf.. First day at school and my car.. Well it kinda broke down and its in the garage till now.. So I was wondering.." He started and before he could finish I cut him off "no.. Take your ass to the bus station and.. " and before I could even finish, my mom who was walking in the kitchen all ready for work cut me off.. " language young lady! And your driving your brother to school.." " but.. " "end of discussion!" Mehn.. This family with cutting people off and allowing just anyone to invade my privacy was pissing me off.
Iris and I got into my black Alto and I drove off to Peaches place. I always picked her up .. Just a block away.. "Hey you.. I've got a lot to tell you.." She was literally shouting walking towards my car , she couldn't really see Iris cause I made him sit on the backseat.. " first you're late and second.. I can't wait to see your br.." She shut her mouth with her hands after she finally saw Iris. "Your broccoli recipe for home science.." She said awkwardly pathetically trying to cover up what she meant to say. I just laughed silently as she entered and I drove off. Peaches was so unlike her during the whole ride.. She was quiet and shy and stole glances at the clueless Iris every once in a while.
I pulled up at Upperhill high. I found I nice parking spot but I was so disgusted by the school and almost everyone. I couldn't wait to just be done with it.
I could see the excitement on peoples face as they caught up with their friends and shared stories of their holiday. I didn't really care anyway..


First period finally was over. End of my misery. Economics. I lazily walked over to my locker grabbing my literature books and dragged my self to the literature class. You'd have thought I'd been in school for three days straight if you saw me. I took my seat way back next to the window. Peaches in front of me and behind Iris. The seat next to me was always empty ever since some girl I don't quite remember moved I don't know to where.. I just know they moved. Mr. Greene our tall gigantic teacher entered making everyone settle. Just as he was quarter way through his lesson, a knock was heard and some familiar green eyes entered.. Why does he look so familiar? I tried to recall if I knew him.. Messy black hair.. Sharp jawline.. Fair skin.. It couldn't be "Brett Alastair" I said with him not realising he was introducing himself. Thank God I wasn't loud enough to be heard. Iris gave him a friendly nod and he nod back with a slight smirk on his face. Shit! It was him. He walked towards me and his smirk grew even bigger when he saw me. Taking the empty seat next to me "missed me?" He whispered and I just looked forward. Pretending I didn't hear. My heart thumped so so loud and I could feel my self getting all sweaty and thirsty.. You have got to be kidding me mother nature..


The rest of the lessons went by really fast and today was just a weird day for me. Peaches and I went to our favourite spot in the cafeteria. Peaches had packed two heavenly cheese burgers that her mom made. Everything her mom made was to die for.. This atleast made the day better. "That new guy is hot!" Peaches went on..this was like the one trillionth time she was saying this and all I did was roll my eyes "come on.. You know its true.." She continued.. " what, finally over my bro?" I teased making he finally shut up. Just then.. I saw Iris, Ryan Iris' friend and " the new guy heading to our table. My stomach cringed and I felt like the whole zoo was in there.  But on the outside.. I was a pure Angelina Jolie.. I feigned confidence on another level. "Hey guys, mind if we join you.." Ryan said as they sat down not even waiting for out reply. "Alfrie, remember me?" Brett asked in a cheesy way. "How could I possibly forget?" I replied in the same tone he used. "Glad to know that all those moments we shared are still fresh on your mind.." . "uh.. I was part of those moments too.." Iris cut in laughing. "You guys were just lame 11year olds with nothing better to do so you made my life hell." I said as they laughed obviously recalling those stupid memories.
"Uh.. Guys.. Could we not talk about your not so interesting childhood now!" Peaches protested. " I totally agree!" Ryan backed him up and the conversation drifted severally until lunch was over. And I don't know how it happened but we ended up planning to hangout at my place after school. I guess we were a thing now.


After school. I had the worst ride home of my life. On the backseats were Iris, Ryan and peaches while Brett made himself comfortable on the passenger's seat next to mine. I felt exactly how peaches felt this morning.. Except I didn't really like Brett the way Peaches liked Iris. Mehn I was so uncomfortable. I drove so fast I could here Iris and Peaches scream colourful words every once in a while, and increased the spread whenever I felt Brett's eyes on me. Couldn't he get like something else to stare at. Like a phone or something. So annoying..

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