I ran forward and took her into my arms.

    "Endeavour!Best Jeanist!! Eraserhead! I'm going to leave her with the paramedics, try to stop the villian!!"

    Running to the ambulance, I checked on her. Her arm was badly twisted and she suffered severe bruises. Dodging debris wasn't easy. Every so often, a large piece of metal will fly unexpectedly to me.

    Is only midoriya was here!


    The child was beginning to stir awake.

   "Shoujo! Please stay calm-"

    She instantly opened her eyes, and her pupils were a deep shade of red, reminding me of Aizawa.

    Putting a hand on my shoulder, she held herself up. It was scary looking at her.

    Shoujo...!!! What happened you?


    She jumped out of my arms and ran back to where the other heroes were fighting. With little effort, she pushed Best Jeanist out of the way. As light as a feather, she ran on Best Jeanist's strings that were attached to the villian. Her eyes glowed a even deeper shade as she used her hair to ristricting the villian, earning a rude word from him.

Aizawa POV

   "Fuck you!"

   Her hair was floating wildly; some of it was restricting the villian. She raised her hand, and with one word, she send the villian flying.


    I squinted my eyes to make out the shape of the villian. The strange thing was, he wasn't resisting. She send herself flying to the sky with help from her hair, which seemed to grow every second. They surrounded and twirled around her body, giving her the appearance of an angel.


    Snapping back to reality, I signaled for more back up. Police holding barriers surrounded the scene whilst more people gathered.

    "Oh my gosh, is that an angel?"

    "She looks so beautiful!! Her quirk's so unique!"

    "I dunno, man... She looks like a villian to me."

   People began pushing, trying to get a closer look at the fight.

     "Oi, Police! Do your job and hold the civilians back!" Barked Endeavour.

    I looked back to the sky, and realise that she and the villian were falling back down.

    "Everyone! Get out of the way!"

    Dust and debris flew every way, and Best Jeanist and I had to use our quirks to hurl people out of the way. At the centre, there was a huge dent in the ground where the child was standing on the villian.

    He was unrecognizable, most of his metallic armor came off and blood was dripping from his wounds.

   "Die die die die die" She kicked him with full force which dented the floor even more.

   "Ugh... I.. give up..." The villian mumbled.

    "Oi, kid! You're going to kill him if you continue, stop that!" Best Jeanist warned.

    But the child seemed to kick him faster. I nodded to Best Jeanist, who prepared his threads.

    We'll going to have to restrain her, at this point.

     We each shot out our threads / Bandages which coiled and twirled around her tightly.

   She immediately stopped what she was doing and looked at us.


    Her hair began to transform into snakes, hissing at us.

    "You all should just disappear from this world."


    "All might!! We need help here!" I shouted.

    All might ran to the direction of the child, getting ready for the worst.

    "All might, please be careful! We're still not certain of what her quirk might be." Best Jeanist shouted.

   All might's POV

   She's so strong..!! Even for a quirk, this one is too abnormal!

    I tried to get a hold of her, but the snakes were getting in the way. I gritted my teeth, I've never seen something like this before.

    Wait, Aizawa's quirk can...

    "Eraserhead! Can you use your quirk to cancel her's?!"

   He looked at me and said, "I don't think it'll work, but I'll try.

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