Chapter 3: Humiliation then Reward

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Chapter 3:

“Did any of you see my sweater?” I said to Krystelle and Camille as I plopped down next to them at the lunch table.
“I mnhck mdndj” Camille replied stuffing french fries in her mouth. Both Krystelle and myself looked at her in disgust as we watched her take a handful fires and dump them in her milkshake before placing them into her mouth. She swallowed hard and took a gulp of her drink. “What? I said I haven’t seen it anywhere.  I thought you put it in your locker?”
“I thought I did too, until I checked before coming here.” I replied taking a french fry from her plate. “I guess I’ll check the lost and found later”
I reached for another fry and Camille slapped my hand. “Bitch, Get your own food”
I tried giving her the puppy dog eyes, but she ignored me and began talking to Krystelle.
Mumbling under my breath, I bypassed the jock table and made my way to the lunch line.
Today they were serving french fries, pulled pork sandwiches, and pizza.
I weighed my options and decided to go the safe route like Camille and choose French fries.
I felt someone come up behind me and I turned around to come face to face with Steven who looked tense.
“So Silver, I was thinking that instead of us meeting up at my house afterschool.  We could walk together back instead. I know you like to take the shortcut through the park so we can go that way”
“How did you know that I go that way Steven, I never see you when I’m walking home.”
Steven fidgeted and fixed his cuffs. “You probably just weren’t paying attention, you were always so easily distracted. “
I laughed awkwardly, “I guess, I was”
“So how about it do-“”

“Hey babe, this creep bothering you?” said our school’s Quarterback Nick. He came next to me and swung his arm around my shoulder.
Before I could respond Steven pushed Nicks arm off of me.
“Get away from her”
Nick laughed “Fuck off you loser!”
Steven lunged at Nick, who easily tripped him sending him tumbling  to the ground. The cafeteria erupted in laughs and people started throwing jeers at Steven.
I looked at Stevens face and gasped as I saw a cut on his forehead that started oozing blood.
Steven began shaking violently as he limped out of the cafeteria.  
I pushed Nick away from me and ran into the hallway after Steven. The halls were eerily quiet and I called out his name several times before making my way back into the lunch room.


Afterschool I waited outside the building and kept my eye out for Steven. I saw him come out of the side door of the school and I ran over to him.  I grabbed his arm and turned him towards me.
“Steven are you okay? I ran after you at lunch, but you were gone.”
He smiled at me. “I’m fine, Silver. It takes more than a fall to the ground to hurt me.”
I eyed the bandage on his forehead but nodded anyway. “So how about that walk to your house”
Steven beamed and grabbed my hand to lead the way. 

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