Chapter 10

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I woke up early than usual and read took out the rest of the papers. I couldn't put a thought to it. It was here when I got it... Only it drained away.

An idea popped into my head and took out a bottle of water and spilled it into the paper... And the letters spread out the entire paper. I grinned at the solved puzzle and began to read.

Dear Raizel,

No time for pen names. I no longer fear your father's discovery. My time sped faster as my heart stopped not what the board might think of my expedition. My beloved, I need your help.

On the gala of Cedar Oaks, 'neath the light of the full moon, the Arcane Society of Phoenix will gather in the woods to commune with the beast they call 'Dominant', but nonetheless, I intend to capture it. And see the words "Ernest Blackwood's monsters"

Round up... the gang. And book passage to Oregon with all haste... We.

And that was the last letter and no more. The last words are spilled with blood that is hard to take of... And alas, a clue has been reformed.

My phone vibrated in my pocket and Cain's number showed up. I answered.

"If you're going to annoy me with-"

"No, I'm examining the rune stone. I figured you wouldn't solve it. Because its been sitting in your room. So I took care of it myself and I might've have some theories about the cause of Ned's death."

I furrowed my eyebrows. "I'll be there. Where are you?"

"Treehouse, at Saint St."

"You're kidding me?"

And he hung up.


It was abandoned and unpleasant to step foot on a shady place. There are lights peeks through the shadows, dawn rests at the shaded branches, as I climbed up, the room was big enough to fit me and it smelled strong and specs of dust.

Cain sitted on a chair scamming the files holding the rune stone.

"What. Kind. Of. Hangout. Is this?"

"Finding the killer hangout." He answered. "Don't worry, this is safe. I've done this many times since I was little." He reassured.

I walked up to the desk filled with vintage pictures, scattered papers and files with a damp orange stain on the edge.

"This time has a... triangle with two legs thing. And stick arms, I'm guessing this belongs to a witch and this is a study of wicca. And I don't know what broke it."

I took the stone from his hand and its surprisingly heavy. I brush the earth crumbs until it flew into my nose.

Wait... I recognize this smell. Oh god, I think its the thing that attacked me in my dorm that night!

I sneezed and gave it back.

Cain dropped a paper in front of me. It contained a big shadow killing the woman and a white glow surfaced the area. Followed by a static the shadow was gone on my left is a skeleton of the woman laying in ashes.

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