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The last period of the day started, AP US history after a few minutes I found the room 212, and walked in with my student slip.

"Ah Mrs. Robertson nice of you to join us." The teacher stated with severe sarcasm and attitude.

"Uh, sorry I-uh got lost." I stuttered out as everyone looked at me.

"Take a seat anywhere available." The teacher said, gesturing towards all the empty seats.

At that's when I saw the same blue clatted hand rise up and swing back and forth, I went to the back and sat right next to Jasper.

"Hello ma'am." Jasper greeted, as I got a history notebook out for notes.

"Hello sir" I responded teasing him, with a shire grin.

"So AP US? You a fan of history?" Jasper asked as he wrote the notes down that the teacher projected on the board.

"Yea it's awesome to me, how about you?" I questioned, suddenly feeling the pull in my chest again.

"My favorite subject, what's your favorite war?" Jasper asked with a smirk.

"The Vietnam war, not alot of people talk about it though." I answered as I looked into his gold eyes.

"Mine is the civil war." He stated looking down at his notes.

"I don't know alot about the civil war, I bet I'd like it more if I knew more about it." I replied smiling.

"Maybe one day we could hang out, and you can tell me all about it." I suggested looking up with a hopeful smirk on my lips.

"I'd like that darlin." Jasper agreed, as he finished his notes.

"My house, tommorow?" I suggested a time and place as I put my notes away.

"It's a date." Jasper responded as he smiled down at his worksheet the teacher passed out.

After that the rest of the period was spent in a comfortable silence, only speaking when I needed help on a question.

Then the bell rang and we parted ways, I made my way to the parking lot hoping to get to baby and be gone.

But on my way out, I was intterupted by a loud squeak and two tiny pale arms being wrapped over my shoulders.

"Hey Clove so I heard you and Jasper are gonna hang out." Alice stated linking our arms once again.

"Uh yeah, he's gonna catch me up on the civil war." I responded, as we both started to walk towards the parking lot.

"Sooo, do you like him?" Alice spit out, suprising me and making my eyes go wide.

"Alice I have only known him for one school day, calm down and why do you think we will be together?" I questioned looking at Alice.

"I can see it, you two will be perfect together." Alice stated before running off.

Well that was odd, Jasper was nice and amazing, not to mention a handsome gentleman, and yes I felt something between us but I don't know what it is just yet.

And with that, I walked up to baby got in and made my way home not without passing the Cullen's.

I gave them a wave, and they did the same while I pulled out of the school parking lot.

Once I got home I dropped my backpack off in my room and put baby's keys on my dad's nightstand.

Then I went back to my room and continued unpacking stuff like clothes, books, blankets and other stuff.

Once I was finished, I went to do my AP US homework that me and Jasper got near the end of class.

After being done with everything, I noticed it was around eight o'clock and went downstairs to make some dinner.

When I made it to the kitchen I heard the door unlock and saw the door swing open.

"Hey sweetheart, how are you?" Dad asked with a smile.

"I don't know, fine I guess." I answered looking down at the chicken salad I was making for dinner.

And then we sat there for a while just in silence, while I finished making dinner for the two of us.

"You know I'm trying right?" dad asked, looking up at me with worried, and watery eyes.

"Dad, I'm trying to, I just miss mom." I responded, dad looking shocked this being the first time I opened up to him.

"I know sweetie, just know you can talk to me." He stated, as I sat the salad bowl down on the table.

"I know." I responded smiling, and started digging in.

Once dinner was done dad thanked me for dinner, and he did the dishes, while I went and got ready for bed.

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