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"Meredith there you are!" I said taking another sip from my cup hearing Calum chuckle next to me. I ran up to her where she sat at the fire pit drinking all alone.

"Here I am, where I've been since I got here." Meredith mumbles moving her arms around. "My parents are here so I can't go near Sam." She mumbles sadly looking behind her where Sam and Steven were probably talking about sports or some shit.

"Oh fuck your mom. If Sam makes you happy then talk to him, you're eighteen for gods sake! You are an adult and you can do whatever the fuck you want." I said feeling the alcohol kick in a bit. I had always been a light weight when it came to alcohol and I'm just praying Calum didn't put too much in.

"She's right you can't be afraid of your mum all your life." Calum says agreeing with me. I hummed a yes pointing my thumb at Calum, nodding. It felt like we were ganging up on her but she need to understand that letting her mom control her life was no way to live. She can't always obey her mom's stupid rules. Fuck, if this was my mom there's no way in hell I wouldn't be attached to Calum in front of my moms face.

"Damn Garland. I'd love too but I rather not be homeless." She says playing with the rim of her cup.

"Listen, if she kicks you out just stay with us. Peter's room is open and my parents love you too much to let you be homeless." I've always wanted a sister, and Mere has been the closet to me. She's always at our house, she practically lives with us so I don't see why my parents would care if she stayed with us.

"Fine." She grumbled standing up and running over to Sam and Steven. I decided not to watch the rest, knowing they'd end up making out.

"Wow I'm surprised that worked." I laughed turning to look at Calum. "Let's get some food I'm hungry." I said grabbing his hand and interlocking our fingers, we strolled into the house and towards the kitchen when I saw familiar blonde curls. "Eric!" I scream watching the familiar six foot boy turn around. I smile and jump on him, embracing him in a big hug.

"Garland!" He laughs into my shoulder before setting me down.

"What are you doing here? I thought you'd be in Indonesia for a few more months." I asked confused. Eric was my cousin who got to travel a lot for his job. He was some saving endangered species person that got to go to so many wicked place to safely bring back endangered species to America. The coolest job a twenty three year old could have.

"Nah we got the tigers we were looking for and safely brought them home." Eric explained to me biting into a carrot.

"That's so wicked!" I said. "Oh, Eric this is my boyfriend Calum. Calum this is my cousin Eric!" I smiled gesturing towards each other.

"Hi." The both said at the same time, Calum's voice quieter than Eric's. He always seemed to get more nervous around guys that seemed to be our age. He was fine with my father and brothers, but when it comes to guys that I could possibly leave him for he seems to get nervous.

We stood around for a few awkward moments before Eric excused himself, saying he needed to find someone. Calum stood behind me looking around the room. He seemed awkward and I knew it was; especially when I was talking to all these people I knew and he just knew me. We grabbed our food and headed out the fire pit making small talk about how cool it would be to go Indonesia.


We -Meredith, Sam, Calum, some of my brothers and I- sat around the fire pit roasting marsh mellows as the stars sparkled in the dark sky above us. Calum and I were cuddled under a fuzzy blanket whispering Sweet nothing into each others ears as everyone made small talk by themselves. Arizona nights began to get chiller when the moon and the stars came out. Everyone was trying to keep warm as much a we could.

"Can we sing some songs by the fire again?" Connor asked me sliding onto one of the logs we had around the fire.

"Sure, get my guitar from my closet." I smiled at him. He stood up and ran into the house with a big sile on his face.

This was pretty much a ritual for our family. No matter when or why we were near the fire pit we always, and I mean always had to sing songs. Our family is very musical because none of can really dance, we are the sports and music family. I never thought of a musical path for me, I've always done it for fun; I want to become a make up artist when I get older so I don't really need music to help me with it. Music is more of a hobby than a life path.

Connor soon came back with my old ratty acoustic guitar I've had since I first started to play at the age of seven when my dad bought it for me. I gripped it in my hand gently feeling the rough strings against my fingers, I hadn't played my guitar in a couple months and I missed it, I was so focused on finishing high school I didn't really have time.

"What song should I play?" I asked the few teenagers around me.

"Play 'Heartbreak Warfare' by John Mayer!" One of my brothers shouted from across the fire.

I smiled at one of my all time favorite songs. John Mayer has always been my favorite artist and crush since I was a little girl. Many girls back in school said Peter looks like a little tanner version of him which always made me laugh.

"I'll sing with you, if you want." Calum whispers in my ear his arm still wrapped around my waist and my guitar neck in front of his chest. I nodded strumming the first few chords and joining in singing with Calum. Our voices mended together bursting with emotion and so much passion.

I never knew Calum could sing so well and he honestly was incredible. If he doesn't grow up to be a kick ass soccer player he definitely has a chance with singing. His lisps making his voice unique and adorable, I could fall asleep right now listening to him sing my favorite song to me.



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