37) Daiki

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I laid on my stomach in the middle of the living room floor. I was a prisoner in my house. I wanted to leave. I wanted to see the city, the castle, start my cafe idea. I wanted to get out of this stupid apartment. I was feeling like my old self again. Happy, light, not sick at all. Maybe bored out of my mind. The History Channel was on and I had a spray water bottle in my hand.

Every time Dog laid down I sprayed him making him to a lap around the room. It was catercise. And since he was getting fatter by the day he needed it. I yawned spraying Dog again making him do another lap. Salomon had meant some dude and was on a date. Kara was gone shopping with Char and Kad and I was here. Even Owen went out today this was so unfair.

"That's it Dog. You can't trap this kitty. I'm out of here." Dog meowed and I could hear the f-you in his voice. I pointed at him. "You've been around Cake and Pie too long." Owen evil snakes. The three animals seem to moved from apartment to apartment depending which one we were in. I had been scared of the snakes but after a few days it was clear they only wanted me to piss off and leave them alone.

Skipping over to the door I yanked it open and Owen was on the other side. "I wasn't leaving." I yelped from the surprise of seeing him there.

"Oh you so were." He said and I licked my tongue out at him.

"You've been gone all day. I had to eat left overs." The sun had already dipped down in the sky but no one had returned yet. Backing up I let Owen come inside moving back towards the living room. Now that his knight in shiny armor was here Dog rubbed against Owen's leg before finding a spot to lay down. "I'll deal with you later." I told the lazy cat.

"We need to talk Daiki." I frowned since it sounded serious. There was a folder in his hand and he sat down on the sofa.

"What's wrong?" I asked softly.

"Your mothers name was Rachel, correct."

"Umm....yup." It had been a while since I head my mom name. Ten eons ago she took her own life with an overdose. I was only six. It was right after I had my first client. My mother had cried the whole day. Then she told me she loved and that she was sorry. This wasn't the life I was suppose to have. Putting me out her room she locked the door and swallowed a bottle of pills. Leeana said it was because she was weak. I never thought my mother was weak. Even if she needed the drugs.

Owen opened up the folder pulling something from it and holding out to me. I took the picture. It was my mom. She didn't look like I remember her. She was happier, healthier. She was dressed in a pretty grown. Her brown hair flowing down her back. Her ears standing tall on top of her head. I never saw her ears stand straight. They always dropped in her sadness.

"Rachel Catafie disappeared sixteen eons ago, pregnant. Her and her child were never seen again. Until today, until...you." I shook my head passing him the picture back.

"My mom was a whore."

"No, she was a Lady. One who was terrified and fled into the night for reasons unknown. And you are her son." He took out another page sliding it towards me. I picked it up looking at the DNA results. How had he even gotten my blood, my mother's blood? How was this possible? "And the blood proves it. You're the heir to the Catafie house."

"It was just a story." I frowned. "Just a bedtime story." She always told me about balls and courts and what spoon to eat soup with and a bunch of pointless things that I would never need to know. I knew she had a life before Putta most people did but a Lady becoming a whore. Bandits in the night killing a Lord. Killing the man she supposedly loved. I just took it as the bedtime story it was. It always ended with the Lady and her son getting away. Leaving in this small cottage near Before Warland.

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