OC Preferences

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All Preferences for OCs will be put here, and the rest of the book will be made up of one shots per your requests lovely readers.

I had too much fun with this.

Someone needs to stop me.

If you wish to see other OCs of mine included in this list, as well as other preferences, let me know down in the comments! Always open to more.

Anywho, have at it :)

Completed for Character(s):

Lillian Veronica Nightshade (Nightingale Chronicles)

Estelle Gloria Aveline (Conquering An Untamed Flame)

Victoria Morana Kingsley (In The Dead Of The Night)

Evangeline Mendax Winter (One Winter Knight)

Coming soon:

Jordan Parks (Conquering An Untamed Flame)

Lucas Davids (Conquering An Untamed Flame)

Chase Ramiro (Conquering An Untamed Flame)

Samuel Hemmings (Nightingale Chronicles)

Adelaide Nightshade(Nightingale Chronicles)

Hogwarts Houses:

Lillian: Slytherin

Stella: Ravenclaw

Tori: Hufflepuff

Eve: Ravenclaw


Lillian: The Assassin Who Can't Be Broken

Stella: The Conqueror Of Pain

Tori: The Witch With Heart

Eve: The Angel Of Gotham

Character Analysis:

Lillian: Sarcastic, playful, snarky, reckless, closed off. Hides insecurities and pain behind wall of humour and sarcasm. Gets uncomfortable talking about her own deeper feelings, and will dodge these kinds of conversation as best as she can. All of this hides how deeply she really does care about others. Slow to trust, but once she does trust you, Lillian Nightshade would die for you. Not afraid of death, as exhibited by the array of occasions she's recklessly barged head first into potentially fatal situations. Since leaving her assassin days behind, Lilly tries her hardest to pick the moral high road, but sometimes struggles to differentiate right from wrong. Wants a dog. Will slowly and painfully maim anyone who touches her bae (Steve), or her brother from another mother (Tony).

Stella: Witty, ladylike, selectively sarcastic, sharp, calculating, ambitious. Stella isn't impulsive. Instead of diving head first into the deep end, she prefers to stand back, assess a situation, and plan and act accordingly to it. When conversing with business partners, or in her Horsemen persona, she's closed off and very business orientated, wielding words and manners like a double bladed sword. When surrounded by the only people in the world she trusts (Jordan, Chase, Lucas), she lets loose and allows herself to be downright sarcastic and playful, bordering on immature. Whilst fighting isn't her forte, she is familiar around a gun and knows basic hand-to-hand combat. Prefers being behind a computer screen. Having endured rape, negligent parents, profound loss, crime and much more pain from an early age, Stella possess a soft spot for kids going through a hard time. Hasn't possessed deep emotional attachment to a man since her childhood boyfriend Ryan Rutherford, which is why she has involved herself with casual dating with Wade Wilson over her mixed, unnamed emotions caused by Jonathan Storm. Cares deeply about her younger twin brothers.

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