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"Your Grace! Your Grace!" The Maester ran as fast as his brittle legs could let him in the stormlands

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"Your Grace! Your Grace!" The Maester ran as fast as his brittle legs could let him in the stormlands.

The brunette beauty stopped at the sound of her new name, well technically it wasn't just yet but since Robb had declared her his queen everyone seemed to call her that now. She resisted the urge to roll her eyes and turned, Elaine stopping as well and keeping her lips pressed together to prevent the smile.

"Maester Calderon," The Lady greeted him with a smile. "How is your morning?"

"We had a session scheduled, your grace, I grew worried when you did not show." He spoke softly, blinking around to see if any of the guards were listening.

Victoria pressed her lips together, oh right, she thought to herself as the vague voice of Elaine reminding her as she awoke came back. Her eyes travelled to the blonde who seemed to be thinking the same thing. "Apologies, Maester, I thought since I had no more symptom we could get on with more important matter." In actuality the brunette had simply not wanted to go, it'd been weeks since her miscarriage and while everyone seemed to be concerned over her health the brunette had wanted to move past it as quickly as possible. While most in the know had asked her to stay in her bed the brunette had flat out refused. After a few days the pain had become bearable and all that was left was her moon blood which seemed endless but that she could deal with.

"Your grace, I'd still like to assure that all is well," the older man spoke to her and broke her from her thoughts.

"Quite well, Maester Calderon, now if you'll excuse me I do have pressing matters to attend to. Until later," she excused herself very quickly, her long dress trailing behind her as she turned and left the old man in his footsteps.

"I still think it would have been a good decision to do one last checkup, your grace," Elaine spoke the last part sarcastically as she walked alongside her Lady.

Victoria did not even care as she eyed the brunette in a half amused, half annoyed manner, "I'm fine, I don't need to keep thinking about the past. From now onwards I'd like to move forward. And if you start calling me that then I'll really begin to feel crazy."

Elaine's amuses laugh followed as the two walked through the camps, "well it is a rather hilarious thing. You're not even queen yet and these men bow to you, the other ladies in waiting bow to me as if I'm some sort of god."

Victoria rolled her eyes at the last part, she knew many women who followed their camps were hoping she'd pick them for another lady in waiting and while she knew Elaine had a rather demanding job being her sole handmaid she still preferred her privacy. Elaine also seemed to find annoyance in these girls as most of them only wanted the title and not the job.

"Yes well, a queen does more then pace around in a graceful manner. I'd like to feel like i earned the title." She muttered and walked towards the thickest of the tents. "Have we gotten word yet?"

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