Ah. Family Reunions

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"Black calm down."

"No! I can't wait for that worthless piece of shit to get here so I can tear his tongue out of his ass!" Black yelled before walking down the hall. I sighed and followed him. It had been three days since my dad answered back to the letter asking for him to visit. He was so happy to hear from me and gladly accepted. He has no idea why I am asking him to be here and I feel bad for him once he gets here.

"Black!' I yelled as he pushed past some one hard enough for them to stumble. He turned around and glared at me with hate in his eyes.

"What!?" he yelled with his wolf eyes. 

"You are pushing people and scaring children so can you not," I asked getting kind of mad. He has been like this ever since we found out about this. I don't even know what to do about the whole situation and he is not making it any better. 


"I don't care, Black. You're not acting sane!" I shouted and he growled but just as fast grabbed my face and kissed me. We slammed into a wall and kissed hard enough to bruise each other's lips. His hands were in my hair while mine were in the back of his pants so I could grab his ass, when suddenly the front door swung open and in walked my dad, mom, and little sister with her mate and son behind them. 

I heard a deep, menacing growl and had to slam Black against the wall again and start to suck on his neck. His growl turned to a moan as his nails went into my neck. I laughed against his neck which caused him to smile. 

"Shade?" My mom asked shocked causing me to pull away from my mate and look back at all of their shocked faces except for Victoria's son, Stellar, and my dad, who looked like he was about to blow a gasket. 

"Mom!" I said with excitement, missing my mom so much. I hadn't seen her since my....Elizabeth was murdered. My mom smiled and ran toward me, hugging me while I kept a hold of Black's hand. 

"Were you just kissing Black?" she whispered into my ear. I nodded and she huffed a sigh. "All of my sons are gay. Awesome." I laughed and pushed my shoulder against her. We laughed and then I greeted my psychotic sister, in which I still had some problems with because she tried to kill Philip, and then her husband, Steven, and then Stellar who smiled and jumped in my arms. 

"Hey Uncle Shade!" he called and kissed my cheek. I always liked this litte boy because he reminded me of my Xavier. He had big purple eyes, black hair, and a smile that looked like Xavier's when he was young like him. Stellar was only sixteen and yet he had a boyish charm about him that made him seem even younger. 

"I missed you little one," I said which was true. I had only snuck over to see him over time. It was always for his birthday and he would always give me the biggest smile during it. 

"Why were you kissing a man!?" my dad finally yelled at me as I went back to Black.

"You have no right to yell at him, dickhead!" Black yelled right back almost growling. 

"Who the hell do you think you are?" my dad hissed. To my utter shock, Black grabbed my dad by his collar and threw him against a wall. My dad was shocked and I knew everyone else was because so was I...and also slightly turned on. 

"I'm the guy whose mate you fucked with," he hissed so low, so menacingly that the hair on the nape of my neck stood up. "Now, Mr. Fredrick, you are going to tell me and the mate you tried to steal away from me two things." He was pissed. Beyond pissed. "One!" he punctuated by slamming my dad aginst the wall. "How the hell you managed to get Shade's wolf under a spell!? And two!" He slammed him against it again. "Why you did it!?" 

"Black stop!" Axel yelled as he ran down the stairs with his husband right behind him. "Let him go or I will spray you in the face with water. Bad dog! Bad!" Black gave Axel a confused face and let our dad go, who was ghostly pale.

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