A Lament for the Inevitable

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Do not weep when the lantern fades,
And the grey night closes its fist.
Let darkness and death lie over
The world, do not any more resist.
In the arrogance of fire and power,
We bent the lands to our will.
And how did we answer the earth
When of us it had its fill?
We pierced the earth and cleaved
The sky, struck at the fires beneath.
We make this onslaught eternal, this siege
To our children we bequeath.
What can we hope, we brief candles
Of frail flesh and little desires, to
Wage a siege without hope, a battle
With only one end? What can we conspire
Against eternity and earth? Only a fool
Could seek anything other than redemption.
If we would live in this world, do more
Then struggle against this titanic rejection,
Then we must make amends for
What we
Have done
And still do

-The Lantern Fades
Original author unknown. Believed to be older than the First Invasion. Associated with the cult known as the Quenched Redeemers.


Author's note: Hello, and welcome to Bitter Cold Truth, a Tale of the Everburning City! To most of you reading this, thank you for taking this journey with me as I try to tell these stories.

To any of you starting this story new, you can start here if you like. I'm trying my best to write each Tale of the Everburning City as a self-contained story. You don't need to have read any of the other books to enjoy this one, (hopefully, and I would love to hear your opinion on how I'm doing in that regard) but they're here on Wattpad if you're feeling impatient with my update schedule.

To all of you, though, thank you. I've enjoyed trying to learn to tell a tale that people enjoy.

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