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Alice, and I  made our way to the cafeteria, our arns interlocked. Once we made it the room went silent everyone staring at us shocked the new girl was hanging out with the mysterious Cullen's.

Alice than guided me to a table filled with what I guess is there siblings she sat next to a ginger having me sit between her and Jasper.

"What is this Alice?" A blonde haired women sneered at me sitting with them.

"A friend of me and Jasper's, I invited her to sit with us." Alice responded with a teasing smile.

"Well.. introduce yourselves!" Alice yells at her siblings.

"Emmet," The buff, dark haired guy stated with his arm around the blonde women.

"Rosalie," The blonde women nodded as she glared me down.

"Edward." A bronze haired, guy stated smiling.

"And you already know the rest of us." Danny finished off the introductions.

"It's nice to meet you all, I'm Clove." I stated smiling towards everyone, Rosalie just kept glaring at me, which after a few silent minutes made me snap.

"Look Rosalie, I would give you a nasty look, but it looks like you already have one." I spit out, picking up my bag and walking away with Alice following me.

"Clo! Where are you going?" Alice questioned running to keep up with my fast pace.

"Away from her." I growled out, anger seeping through my veins at the bitchy blonde.

"Please come back, consider how she is with everyone else she is being nice to you." Alice stated, looking at me with puppy dog eyes.

"Fine, but if she so much as glares at me again I'm leaving." I gave in, Alice responding by hugging me and guiding me back to the table.

"I think I'm gonna like you, you got spunk under them glasses." Rosalie spoke with a smirk directed towards me

"Thanks..?" I stated it coming out more of a question.

"Trust me darlin, if Rosalie Hale likes you it's a good thing" Jasper added, with his southern accent coming out espically when he called me darling which caused me to blush.

"Duely noted" I responded, a smile gracing my lips.

"So clove, what brings you to forks?" Emmet asks, as he fiddles with the food on his tray, not even eating it.

"My dad came here for work purposes." I lied, not wanting them to know about my mother, all of a sudden the Edward guy looked at me sympatheticly.

"What does he do?" Edward chimes in with a smile, trying to cover for the sympathy he just showed.

"He's a photographer, he goes to places like Dubai, Hawaii, and Alaska to get his photos so he's pretty much always gone." I answered, and got back sympathetic faces in response.

"No, no it's not a bad thing I don't mind him always being gone. I get the house all to my self." I reassured them with a smile.

"That must get lonely." Alice stated, seeing right through my facade.

"No, it's fine." I lied again, trying best to make my smile real.

And thats how it went for the rest of the lunch period, just Edward and Emmet throwing french fries at each other, while everyone else including me laughed at their antics.

And then the fun was interrupted by the bell.

Jasper Hale

At first period it was hard, knowing I had found my mate. Then during second period Alice assured me it was meant to be, that she saw it and I opened up to Clove.

She might not think so, I could feel it but to me she was absolutely beautiful, and with her shy but witty remarks I couldn't help but feel like the luckiest dead man alive.

During lunch I saw Edwards smile falter and felt his sympathy towards my mate, I knew I would talk to him about that during 6th.

Then the bell rang we all seperated and I raced towards Edward.

"What was Clove thinking? I could feel your sympathy towards her, what did her thoughts say?" I begged Edward to tell me, even though I just met her today I already felt midly protective of her.

Unlike Edward and Bella who were both bloodsingers and mates, Clove and I  were mates, she was my mate, she was made to be with me I've wanted over a century to meet her, I won't be letting her go.

Her blood wasn't difficult for me to be around, no more than the average human difficulty, but she was my mate I knew I could never live with myself if I hurt her.

"It's not my place to say." Edward answered, looking down at his shoes.

"Does she know about us?" I questioned frantically which caused Edwards eyes to shoot up.

"No, no it's a family issue for her, I'm positive she will tell you in time though." Edward answered positivley.

"Okay" I nodded then walked off to mythology, my 6th period still thinking about what Clove is hiding.

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