CANNIBAL (chap 3)

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<P>Here's chappie 3 all you lovely readers. I've put this youtube clip up coz 1. the chorus goes with their argument (read on you'll c what i mean) 2. I LOVE Rise Against (best band evr pleez check them on utube) and 3. well i just wanted 2 spread the amazingness that is this band :P xx</P>

<P>Dean's p.o.v</P>

<P>The stink of sweat, smoke and various drugs overwhelms my sensitive nose. The girl I'm currently dancing with seems half elf half human. Her ears are elegantly pointed and her large, unfocused eyes are the colour of fresh spring leaves. She has long golden hair that brushes my arms softly as she drunkenly rubs herself against me. She's beautiful... but my heart belongs to another. I think of my beloved's glimmering green eyes that dance with light and laughter. The caring smile that always adorns their face, making my own lips tug up into an answering grin. I imagine pressing my lips to theirs, sharing their warmth while sliding my fingers through their short hair, tugging at the silky strands...</P>

<P>The girl before me suddenly giggles as she slips her hands up under my shirt. I untangle myself from her, cringing as she grabs for me, her nails digging into my skin. I push her away and make my escape through the press of people. I glance over peoples' heads and spot Sofia leading a tall man with short, spiky hair onto the dance floor. The lights flash and I get a glimpse of his red eyes. I roll my eyes - trust her to attract trouble so quickly. I begin shoving my way over to Sofia, wanting to be there so I can protect her troublesome ass. I see her whisper something in his ear and motion toward a side door. He nods eagerly and they walk over and slip through it. I tumble off the dance floor and race toward the door. Why couldn't she just wait for a few minutes so that I could be there for her? Why does she have to be so stubborn and risky? I barge through door and frantically search for her and the pale stranger.  </P>

<P>I finally spot them next to a group of overflowing dumpsters. I see him lean forward, tipping her head back and bow over her neck. </P>


<P>The vamp snaps his head up just as Sofia swings her leg up, bringing her knee snug against her chest before kicking forward, planting the long, sharp heel of her boot deep into his chest. I see him stagger back from the force before emitting a final growl and tumbling backward. Sofia leaps back, just missing the splash of the puddle the body fell into. She kneels down and examines her boot, cursing when she sees the blood-covered heel.</P>

<P>"Shit, this is goin' to take ages to clean! Stupid vamp." She complains as I approach her and lift her small, light body into my arms.</P>

<P>"You scared the shit outa me, you know that, right?" I scold her whilst checking her neck for punctures.</P>

<P>"I can handle it, Mister Worry-Pants," she says while slapping my shoulder, "I had it in the bag!"</P>

<P>"Yeh yeh. Sure didn't look it from where I was standing princess."  </P>

<P>"Whatever." She pecks my cheek before jumping out of my hold and heading towards the door.</P>

<P>"You're welcome!" I yell after her ungrateful ass. She gives me the finger before slipping back inside the club, leaving me to follow her. I swear that girl tries my patience on purpose. I huff angrily before trudging after her- if I didn't love her so much I'd leave her to get her own ride back to the compound. I heave one last sigh before being once again consumed by the overwhelming fumes of the club. </P>

<P>Sofia's p.o.v</P>

<P>I wave at Crusher as I step out of the club and wait for Dean to catch up. He always ruins my fun. He hovers over my every move like an overprotective parent. I know he just wants to keep me safe, but he needs to learn that I can take care of myself. I remember when he got transferred to the compound when I was seven after beating up another boy for stealing his marbles. I had no friends since no one wanted to be close to the strange orphan girl who refused to tell anyone what animal she was. I often kept to myself, only transforming into animal form in the dead of night in the forest where no one could see me. Until Dean arrived, I was alone. Then one night he followed me into the forest. He watched my transformation and, though he was shocked and scared by what I had become, he stayed with me. I had been so angry that he had followed me and terrified that he would tell the wardens or the other kids, but he always kept my secret. </P>

<P>From then on, he would accompany me on my night time breakouts into the forest and would teach me how to fight. We would spend all of our time together, a bond forming and growing between one another until we became inseparable. The other kids began to get wary of us, especially as we got older and began sneaking out in the middle of the night to tackle the creatures of the night that lurked in the shadows. Dean and I grew in strength, beating all the others in practical exercises, even out-classing some of the wardens. We also honed our skills at fighting in animal form. We were - and are - a force to be reckoned with.</P>

<P>My thoughts are interrupted when the man in question storms out of the club. Damn, I forgot about our little argument. I step forward and envelope him in a hug, squeezing him in a silent apology. He hesitates before wrapping his arms around me and giving me an answering squeeze. </P>

<P>"C'mon, let's get back to the compound before they set the dogs on us." He says, his voice strangely rough.</P>

<P>We hop onto the bike, giving Crusher one last wave before I grab onto Dean and we zoom off toward the compound beneath the brightening sky.</P>

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