A Wannabe Assassin: Chapter 9

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Joey could hear footsteps from a few meters away. A shadow crept its way in through the door, as he/she neared the door. Finally, the person reached the door, and swtiched on the lights.

"Well, well, well. Who do we have here, " the person said.

Joey sat wide in terror.

"You," he gasped.

The man merely smiled.

"Markett! I promise! I'll get you your rent by tomorrow! PLEASE! Don't do this," Joey cried out in terror.

"Don't do what," he said, amused.

Joey bit back a comment. He was taken aback by that question.

"Eh. Don't tie me, " Joey finished, quite lamely.

The earth started rumbling, but it was laughter of the man in front of him. He was dressed in white slacks, with a plain white t-shirt. He wore no shoes, but had socks on.

A long deep scar ran through his left cheek. Joey didn't recall ever seeing one on Markett's face. He questioned him about it.

"When did you get that scar? I don't recall Markett ever having one. Did you get it today?" he asked.

The man smiled evilly. "Has it ever occured to you that I might not actually be Markett?" he questioned.

The man noticed the look of bewilderment on his face, and continued, "No. I don't think you have. But it should now. I'm not Markett."

"You are trying to trick me!" Joey cried out.

"No. It's the plain truth. I'm Markett's evil twin. Eric Briggs."

Joey took a while to grasp that fact.

"Anyway, I've tied you up here for a reason. Answer a few questions for me, will you?"

"Um okay."

"Who are you, really?"

"Joey Millers."

Eric tsked. "That's not what I meant. What is your occupation?"

"Currently jobless."

Eric knocked down a chair beside him.

"LIES," he thundered. "Who do you work for? Are you from the CBI? Or are you an undercover policeman?"

Joey laughed like he had never before. That is, until Eric came up to him and choked him. "One more lie, and I'll shoot you right there. So tell me, who sent you here. Why are you following us?"

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