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The older stared at namjoon, who was smiling nicely. "well this is my cafe. i spend a lot of time here."

That was namjoon.

That was the namjoon who he wanted to make friends with.

This is bad

No its good

No its both

If namjoon finds out he's Jinhee then he'll probably fire him for lying.

But it's also good then they can become good friends, the friends jin never got.

"I'm Kim Seokjin." Jin shook namjoon's hand and sat down.

"So we are in a great need of some more employees so what can you do?" Namjoon questioned still with an innocent smile on his face.

"i can cook. i'm quite good. like so good. i make a lot of things for example- nevermind." Jin got carried away but quickly maintained himself again but namjoon just laughed at his cuteness.

"nice, ok you're hired"

Jin's lips curved into a smile "Thank you so much! But is that it?"

"Yeah we're not that big but I guess we can make it."

How are you finding this?

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